Bigg Boss 11 November 27 Written Update: Lovers Puneesh And Bandgi Are Nominated

Bigg Boss 11 November 27 Written Update: Five contestants nominated Puneesh and Bandagi for nomination.

Bigg Boss 11 November 27 Written Update: Lovers Puneesh And Bandgi Are Nominated

A still from Bigg Boss 11. (Image courtesy: @BiggBoss)

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  1. Arshi and Akash are upset with Shilpa and made things worse for her
  2. Puneesh fights Akash after he takes a dig at Bandagi
  3. Luv, Bandagi and Puneesh were nominated have secured maximum votes
Even before tonight's episode went on air, a hashtag against Arshi Khan started trending on twitter. Twitter upset the way Arshi Khan "misbehaved" with Shilpa Shinde, whom she calls "Ma." Arshi ans Akash's fight with Shilpa continued in tonight's episode. Akash and Arshi said that Shilpa speaks ill about people and blame Hina Khan for it. Shipa and Bandagi discuss Arshi's flipping nature. Akash and Arshi also question Puneesh and Bandagi's relationship too. Later, Shilpa confronts Arshi and they go back to normal. Within minutes of tonight's episode, Arshi and Shilpa are friends again.

Luv Tyagi and Priyank Sharma spray paint "sorry" on furniture and apologise for their negative remarks against women. Salman Khan had rebuked Priyank Sharma for body-shaming Shilpa and Arshi over the weekend. He also questioned Hina for not telling Priyank off.

Shilpa was up to some mischief and she stole some edibles from Hina Khan and threw them in dustbin. Day 57 starts on a light note but soon Hina and Shilpa got into a verbal spat. Shilpa accuses Hina of taking extra paranthas (Bigg Boss only sends a limited amount of food supplies to the contestants). Shilpa tells to not waste food and in retaliation Hina told Shilpa that she is entitled to two paranthas and it is her wish if she eats it or wastes it. Akash Dadlani adds fuel to fire by chanting "Hina Khan zindabad." Hina later throws the parantha in the garden area.

Arshi Khan flips out again and blames Shilpa for mismanaging food. She also rebukes Hiten for not being able to resolve these petty issues. She then yells at Vikas saying that Akash has learnt his lesson and will not help anyone out during the nomination. Arshi spills the beans on Shilpa and says, "Tum to sirf logo ki cheese churati ho."

The fight escalates and Puneesha and Akash get into a spat. Puneesh was upset that Akash and Arshi took a dig at bandage and in a fit of rage, Puneesh started abusing Akash and threw away the egg he was cooking. Bangagi asks Puneesh to not engage with Akash as he has also insulted Salman Khan. Shilpa also tries to calm Puneesh down.

Later, Arshi while speaking to Hina establishes that Puneesh has a bad language and not her. Hina and Priyank discuss Puneesh and Akash's fight. Hina says Puneesh should not have thrown Akaash's food and threw a chappal.

And then... Bigg Boss announced the nomination task for this week. HIten being the captain was saved from this week's nomination. Bigg Boss asked each contestant to name two contestants they'd want to nominate in the confession room.

Hina Khan, Luv Tyagi, Akash Dadlani, Arshi Khan and Priyank nominate Puneesh and Bandagi. Bandagi and Puneesh nominate Luv and Akash. While nominating Akash, Bandagi said he's become too violent for his own good. In the end, Luv, Bandagi and Puneesh were nominated have secured maximum votes. Later Hina, Priyank and Arshi discuss nominations.

Hina Khan and Shilpa Shinde get into a fight during lunch as well. Akash and Arshi again instigate Hina. Arshi tries to joke around with Shilpa, who asks her to leave her alone and not call her "Ma."

Arshi complaints about the food shortage and decides to cook for herself and Akash. Hiten tries to intervene but Arshi and Akash become unmanageable. Hiten is furious about everyone's lenient way of handling the ration supplies.

Hiten asks Arshi what has Shilpa, Puneesh and bandage done to upset her so much. In another side of the house, Shilpa complaints about Arshi and Akash. Arshi tries to sort out her differences with Shilpa. She tells her that she's angry with her because she favours Puneesh and Bandagi. But Shilpa refuses to forgive Arshi.

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