Arbaaz Khan Is Dating, Says He And Malaika Arora 'Not Meant To Be Together'

Arbaaz Khan Is Dating, Says He And Malaika Arora 'Not Meant To Be Together'

Malaika and Arbaaz separated in March last year. (Image courtesy: Malaika Arora)


  • Arbaaz says there's no scope of reconciliation with Malaika
  • Arbaaz admits he's dating someone
  • Malaika and Arbaaz have filed for divorce
New Delhi: Arbaaz Khan opened up about his personal life and said that it's true that he is dating, but it's not Yellow, the restaurateur he met in Goa. The actor-filmmaker told DNA: "I am dating, yes... As of now, there is still a long way to go." The actor separated from his wife, actress Malaika Arora Khan in March 2016 and the couple and were spotted at a marriage counselling session at a Mumbai court in November last year. Talking about getting back with Malaika, Arbaaz told DNA: "I feel, if we had to get more time, we would have got back by now. The fact that we haven't, means it is not meant to be."

Arbaaz Khan married Malaika Arora in 1998 and they separated after 18 years. They've filed for divorce but their divorce hasn't been finalised yet. "I kept my option open despite us parting ways, and I gave it a little time, whether it was a year or two years before I moved on in certain ways. Even as far as dating somebody is concerned. So I guess if that was to happen it would have happened in the first six months, or one year. It didn't and it's been almost three years now," Arbaaz told DNA.

Even though Malaika and Arbaaz are separated they've been spotted together on several occasions and even took off for Goa to ring in the New Year with their son, Arhaan, 15. "My association with Malaika's family is as long as my association with Malaika. We have a child together, and there are the grandparents, uncles and aunts. And whatever the reasons for our parting, they have never influenced our equations with the families. They have kept it to themselves as this is the personal decision between the two of us. They have not asked us to get back together," said Arbaaz Khan, reports DNA.

Arbaaz was last seen in Freaky Friday, which was produced and directed by his brother Sohail Khan.