Ananya Panday As The Infamous "Orry 3"? A Plot Twist We Didn't Expect

The video begins with Orry claiming that he is going to introduce the audience to his "minions"

Ananya Panday As The Infamous 'Orry 3'? A Plot Twist We Didn't Expect

Image was shared on Instagram. (courtesy: orry1)

New Delhi:

Orhan Awatramani aka Orry made some big, mostly shocking revelations when he appeared on the season finale of Karan Johar's chat show Koffee With Karan last week. From decoding his brand strategy of planning his own digital demise to talking about his dating life, Orry was an absolute laugh riot. On Sunday, a few days after his appearance on the show, the social media sensation dropped a new video announcing a deep dive into his "the relevance room," of which he first spoke about on the Koffee couch. In the video, Orry can be seen introducing his team members or "the Orrys" to the world. The peak ROFL moment however comes when Orry's BFF Ananya Panday is introduced as "Orry number 3." Oh wait, it gets better.  Soon Ananya Panday is hilariously killed off for becoming more relevant than Orry.

The LOL video begins with Orry claiming that he is going to introduce the audience to his "minions." “I don't know their names, and I don't want to know their names. They are just known as...,” he says while walking into his office. In the next few seconds, we see the "Orrys" introducing themselves. Ananya Panday makes a special appearance as "Orry no 3". “But we killed her for getting too relevant,” Orry says as a screen pop-up shows her profile being blocked and later her head from a picture with Orry is edited out hilariously.

Watch the madness of the reel below:

For the unversed, Orry, during his appearance on Koffee With Karan, revealed that he and his team, which he refers to as his "minions," are planning something of a "downfall" for him.  He explained, "When you see me on paparazzi pages and screen, that's the story I'm telling and I spend the whole day reading morning to night I am in the comments section reading every review of my images. And everyone's like, Oh his 15 minutes will end, he's going to vanish, just wait. The fame's getting to his head. Yes, the fame is getting to my head, yes, I have an attitude problem now. I think I am better than everyone but I am planning my downfall now. The time has come, anything that goes up, goes down. The brightest star burns out the fastest."

In another segment from the show, Orry referred to his office as the "relevance room" and said that his team is planning a "digital demise." He told Karan Johar, "In my relevance room, all my minions come up with ideas and we have mood boards and chalkboards and they pitch ideas on how to keep me relevant and that is how I stay in the news. This is a hustle. It's like the Hunger Games. It's a full-time job. In the Orry room, we are planning my demise, my digital demise. The Orry-ians want to see me fall. Very soon. We're waiting for the right idea and then the 15 minutes will be up. Then we will plan a comeback. My fall is coming. In a movie, every lead actor has a fall and they have to have a comeback. Before anyone can plan it (digital demise) I am planning it."