Alia Bhatt-Ranbir Kapoor's Daughter Raha Is The "Brightest In The Family," Reveals Maasi Pooja Bhatt

"I think that you should learn from the generation after," wrote Pooja Bhatt

Alia Bhatt-Ranbir Kapoor's Daughter Raha Is The 'Brightest In The Family,' Reveals Maasi Pooja Bhatt

Alia-Ranbir pose with Raha.

New Delhi:

Actress Pooja Bhatt, who is gearing up for her upcoming web series Big Girls Don't Cry, opened up about her niece Raha Kapoor. In a recent interview with Zoom TV, she was asked how the family advises one another. Calling Raha the "brightest" in the Kapoor clan, Pooja Bhatt said the little one will soon be doling out advice to them. She told Zoom TV, "I can assure you. I think she seems to be the brightest of us all. So, I am waiting for the time she will actually be able to vocalize her advice." She added, "Right now it's through look. So, I think that you should learn from the generation after and in our family we've assured at least one thing... Like the Apple phone, each model gets better. So, I think we're doing that pretty well."

Mahesh Bhatt also said, “Pooja, I tread softly through the dimly lit corridors of Ganatra Maternity Hospital, the sunlight casting a surreal glow. As I approach the glass door, my eyes fix on you, nestled in a crib beside another infant. In that moment, I'm struck by your chubby cheeks, flushed with anger – a tiny rebel protesting your abrupt departure from the realm of divinity into this harsh reality. Since then, you've journeyed through life, stumbling, rising and ultimately finding your footing in a way only you could. Each season of your life has sculpted you into the person you are today, yet the river of existence flows endlessly.”

Pooja and Rahul Bhatt are Mahesh Bhatt's children from his first marriage to Kiran Bhatt (Loraine Bright). Mahesh Bhatt then married Soni Razdan in 1986. They are parents to Alia and Shaheen Bhatt.