Life Goal: To Be "Orry 3." The Internet Has So Many Questions

Orry made an appearance on the finale episode Koffee With Karan 8

Life Goal: To Be 'Orry 3.' The Internet Has So Many Questions

Orry pictured on the chat show. (courtesy: orry1)

New Delhi:

After Orhan Awatramani aka Orry, made an appearance at The Koffee Awards episode on Koffee With Karan Season 8, the internet has been abuzz with discussions about Orry 3. In case you missed it, during a candid chat with Karan Johar, Orry discussed employing "minions" in the "relevance room" at his office and stated, "Orry number 2, Orry number 3, Orry number 4, they are all the Orrys. To be a minion, you have to be an Orry. You have to think like me, dress like me, work like me, struggle like me, and hustle like me." He went on to mention, "As of now, we have Orry 2, 4, 5, and 6. There was an Orry number 3, but she got more relevant than me. So we got rid of her. She is gone now." Since then, every social media platform, especially X (formerly known as Twitter), has been buzzing with discussions about Orry 3. Let us take you through some interesting notes.

A user expressed concern, asking, "Am I the only one who's worried about what happened to Orry number 3?"

Even Vijay Shekhar Sharma, the Managing Director of Paytm, shared Orry's video with the caption, "Orry Institute or Orry Academy." A retweet suggested a humorous theory: "For what we know, Vijay sir himself might be the Orry 3 which got more relevant and got killed but now trying to get back in by keeping Orry relevant by tweeting this." 

Another user humorously mentioned, "Orry 1 2 3 and killed Orry 3 and a relevance room with chalkboard white boards." 

One fan delved into introspection, asking, "We all overthink. We all have questions; some might have answers too. But deep inside we all have that one question: who is ORRY 3 who got more fame and branding than the original ORRY himself?" 

A witty comment suggested, "He's taken his personality from various pop culture icons; the Orry no. 2,3 is just a scream queen spoof ijbol. You can never be her." 

A sentiment echoed by a few was, "Orry number 3 is gone - sad." 

A sarcastic comment read, "Orry 3 got more relevant than me," along with crying emojis. 

However, not everyone was pleased with Orry's statements. One user critiqued, "I have never heard someone bu*****t the way Orry does!! ORRY NUMBER 3 WAS KILLED OFF CUZ SHE GOT MORE RELEVANT. SIR SHUT UP! What does he do? Rather, I want what he is on." 

A user, in a humorous tone, posted a picture of Shakti Kapoor with a hilarious hairdo and claimed to have "Found ORRY number 3." 

The curiosity continued as someone asked, "Who is going to give me goss on who Orry No 3 was?" 

A lighthearted comment read, "RIP Orry 3." 

Acknowledging the inevitable, a note stated, "Orry #3 had to go, unfortunately."

Referring to Orry number 3, another comment mentioned, "He thinks he's Chanel from Scream Queens." FYI: Chanel is a popular character in the horror series Scream Queens. 

The quest for humour and curiosity took a more fun turn as many inquired, "Can someone share the application link to apply for Orry number 3 job?" 

Some individuals expressed a strong desire to meet the mysterious Orry 3, stating, "I want to meet Orry number 3, the minion who got more relevant than him. She must be something," and we could not agree more. 

What are your thoughts about the elusive Orry 3?