Errors In CBSE Class 12 Results: Verification Reveals Discrepancies, Students Confused

CBSE results 2017 has stirred in confusion and panic this year. With a large proportion of dissatisfied students waiting for the right marks, the Board is still undeterred with its verification procedure.

Errors In CBSE Class 12 Results: Verification Reveals Discrepancies, Students Confused

Errors in CBSE Class 12 results: Verification Reveals Discrepancies

New Delhi:  The woes of CBSE students seem to be never ending. Starting from the controversial decision of scrapping the moderation policy which gave nightmares to students and parents till the 'much below than expected marks' obtained by students, CBSE results 2017 has stirred in confusion and panic this year. Nationwide students were seen to be showing dissatisfaction over their marks obtained. Cases where retotalling marks are way above the marks released at first, are going viral over internet. CBSE's evaluation process followed by shadowing it with 'abnormally high' retotalling is something that has rose many eyebrows questioning the credibility of the country's apex educational body.

According to Times of India, students from different parts of the country had complained of less marks; however the verified marks were more than double. According to this report, in a an instance, marks in single digits went as high as 45 after reverification.

In one of the many instances, students in Odisha protested against the Board regarding the Class 12 exam result. "I was shocked to find that I have secured 5 marks in Maths and 8 in Chemistry, while my English score is 85. I am not as bad a student to fail in the exam. I don't believe it. I want revaluation of the papers at the earliest," said an aggrieved student of a city school. The result came as a shock to many students when they found that it has been withheld. For Bhubaneswar zone, the CBSE Class 12 results pass percentage has been all time low, this year. The verified marks gave the students ultimate shock when they found the marks have dipped further. Orissa High Court had directed the Board to reverify the marks.

After seeing reports on CBSE mark errors, twitter is also enraged.
Going along with the Delhi High Court's order for declaring the result with the moderation policy, CBSE had announced the Class 12 result.

CBSE doesn't permit revaluation of the answer sheets; instead students can apply for reverification. 'There will be no re-evaluation of any evaluated answer. However, if any answer has not been evaluated, the same would be reported by candidate to respective Regional Offices of CBSE not later than seven days of receipt of photocopy of answer book,' reads the Board's notification.

CBSE response to the reports on errors

Inspite of best efforts made by the experienced subject teachers, a press release from CBSE said that, there may be possibility of human error in transferring marks to the title page of the answer scripts, summation of marks and manually posting of marks in the computer system.

The board added in its response to the reports of discrepancies in verification said, CBSE being a responsive Board, has provision for verification of marks to facilitate students to avail the provision of rechecking of answer scripts where totaling of marks is done again, posting of marks on cover page of answer scripts is rechecked, intactness of supplementary answer scripts and un-assessed question, if any, is assessed afresh.

The system of verification of marks aims to bring more transparency and confidence in the evaluation of answer scripts, said the press release from CBSE.

"After verification of answer scripts for Class XII Examination 2017, the fact emerged that there was change in marks in 0.091% of answer scripts with only 0.002% cases where there was change in marks by 26 or more. It highlights that there is no pervasive totaling error as written in certain media reports earlier," it said.

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