5 Must-To Do Things For Delhi University Freshers

A comprehensive checklist for all the freshers or what everyone likes to call the first-year students, 'fuchhas' joining Delhi University this year.

5 Must-To Do Things For Delhi University Freshers

What should a fresher do in their first year in Delhi University

New Delhi:  The first round of admission in Delhi University is over. The admission based on second cut off will be over soon too. By now, a majority of students would have taken admission, or those waiting for the third and fourth cut off list at least have an idea which college they are going to be in. Now, that the hassle of result and admission is over, it is time to focus on the perks of studying in a Delhi University college.

These three years of your college will prove to be formative. In Indian education system, till class 12th, students are used to the race, race to get good marks, race to clear entrance exams or make it to the cut off/merit list. Your college years are the time to slow down, not run a race and learn things which will help you in the world which is waiting for you out there beyond your college gate. These are also the years to relax and get to know the world around you and what better way than to explore in and around your college and university campus. These are the places where you will meet some of the most interesting people and places in your life. 

Here's a checklist for all the freshers or what everyone likes to call the first-year students, 'fuchhas' joining Delhi University this year.

1. Clubs and Societies: Join a club or a society involving any of your favorite activities. This is the place where you will not just get to showcase and hone your talent but you will also meet people from other streams and departments with similar interest. These are the places where you will make some of your life-long friendships. 

2.Cultural Fests: Delhi University has some of the best Cultural fests in the country. You will get to attend concerts by some of the famous singers, performers and dance troupes. 

3. Hangout Joints: Every Delhi University college, whether in campus or off campus, has a famous hangout joint for students. Find out about this place and you sure will have some tales to tell in the coming years which will involve this place. 

4. Shopping trips with your gang: Every Delhi University college has a favored shopping market in Delhi. And every street market in Delhi is strategically placed to benefit the college students. So if you are in Central Delhi, you can go to Janpath and Palika. If you are in West Delhi you can head off to Jwala Heri Market or the new favorite Pacific Mall in Subhash Nagar. If you are in East Delhi, head to V3S Mall in Laxmi Nagar. If you are in North Delhi, what better place to be at than Kamala Nagar. In South you can head to Sarojini Nagar Market or Lajpat Nagar Central Market. 

5. Bunk Classes: May be you never got the opportunity to bunk classes in school, so this is your moment of reveling in that glory. Bunk classes and do all the activities mentioned above, or just laze around in the campus but make sure your teachers don't catch you bunking their class. And also make sure that while you bunk classes, you have enough attendance to spare you the trouble of running after teachers at the end of the semester. 

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