This Article is From Apr 08, 2016

Delhi Hit-And-Run Driver Turns 18. Punish Him As Adult, Says Grieving Father

Delhi Mercedes hit-and-run: CCTV visuals show speeding car hitting 32-year-old Sidharth Sharma


  • Class 12 student was driving the speeding Mercedes which killed a man
  • He was arrested and let off on bail because he was under 18 at the time
  • Juvenile Justice Board to decide if he will be tried as an adult
New Delhi: The Class 12 student, who was allegedly behind the wheels of a Mercedes that killed a man in Delhi's Civil Lines on April 4, turns 18 today. Demanding justice, the family of the victim, 32-year-old marketing consultant Sidharth Sharma, says he should not "get away on a technicality".

The teen - who was out to celebrate with friends after his Class 12 exams when the accident took place- had been arrested but was let off on bail because he is below 18. The Juvenile Justice Board will decide whether he will go to a juvenile home or he will be tried as an adult, however the maximum imprisonment for the crime is two years.

"If the law can't do it (give justice), the Supreme Court has to intervene and if the Supreme Court can't do it, the people should come on the road and demand justice," said Shilpa Sharma, the sister of Sidharth.

A new, clearer CCTV footage of the accident has also emerged - Sidharth's friends say the camera was privately owned and they have collected it from an apartment complex on the road.

The footage shows how the Mercedes, driven at a speed the police say could be around 100 km an hour, comes straight at Siddharth and hits him.  The young man is flung 10 foot into the air. There was no sign of the driver swerving to avoid him or even slowing down.

The father of the teen, a businessman who was expected to appear in court today, did not turn up. A notice has been issued to him. The police had filed a case against him on April 4.

Sidharth's father Hemraj has said the businessman was more at fault than his son. "He let a Yamraj out on the streets of Delhi," he said. Criticising the police action, he said how they have responded is "totally questionable".

Senior police officer of North Delhi, Madhur Verma, said "all investigations are being done thoroughly".