This Article is From Apr 22, 2013

Rape cases went up by 158 per cent this year in Delhi

Rape cases went up by 158 per cent this year in Delhi
New Delhi: Delhi has witnessed a surge in crime against women this year with rape cases recording 158 per cent rise while molestation and eve-teasing incidents went up by 600 and over 700 per cent, respectively.

According to statistics released by Delhi Police Commissioner Neeraj Kumar today, the national capital reported 463 rape cases this year till April 15 as against 179 during the same period last year.

While molestation cases showed 600 per cent rise this year (from 139 to 973 cases), eve teasing cases increased by 783.67 per cent (from 49 to 433 cases).

Police Commissioner Kumar used this figures to explain that police is proactively taking up the complaints of women.

"This shows that the tendency earlier of dissuading women complainants has dramatically changed post-December 16 (gang rape)," he said.

He also said 85 per cent of rape cases this year have been cracked while the figures for molestation and eve teasing are 86 and 95.8 per cent.

"Is it humanely possible for police to prevent a case like this (the rape of five-year-old girl) when somebody lures a girl into a room (and rape her)? Rapes are opportunistic crimes confined to private space.

"97 per cent of rapes are committed in houses. Only three per cent of rapes are committed by strangers," he said.

Kumar said this year 178 rape accused were lovers or friends of victims while 115 were found to be neighbours, 15 employers or co-workers, 12 family members, 10 fathers and two step fathers, nine husbands and ex-husbands, nine brothers-in-law and two fathers-in-law, eight landlords and three tenants.

Besides, cousins, teachers, doctors and tantriks were also found to be involved in such crimes.