No Invite For Delhi Lawmakers For President's "At Home", AAP Leader Upset

AAP spokesperson Saurabh Bhardwaj took to Twitter to express disappointment over party members not being invited for the Republic Day reception hosted by President.

No Invite For Delhi Lawmakers For President's 'At Home', AAP Leader Upset

"Long tradition of inviting Delhi MLAs has been discontinued," AAP's Saurabh Bhardwaj said.

New Delhi:

The Aam Aadmi Party on Wednesday complained that its lawmakers have not been invited for the reception hosted by President Ram Nath Kovind since he took over in 2017.

"Long tradition of Delhi MLAs invited to 'at-home' reception hosted by President of India has been discontinued by President Kovindji. The last invite to Delhi MLAs was in 2017 on January 26, and then Kovind became President on July 14, 2017," Saurabh Bharadwaj tweeted along with a photo of the last invitation.

Mr Bharadwaj also questioned if politics of the country had stooped so low that the President who came from the BJP has considered the Delhi lawmakers as "step-children of mother India".

"Does this suit the President on Republic Day? Since Kovindji became the President, he ended the age-old tradition," the AAP spokesperson tweeted in Hindi.

Mr Bhardwaj had made similar remarks last year for the Independence Day function.

On August 14 Mr Bharadwaj had said: "I don't think Rashtrapati Bhavan can be influenced by the politics of Modiji. There must be some other genuine reason to break the long-standing tradition and stop inviting MLAs of Delhi."

He had also said the Delhi lawmakers "were always invited by all Presidents before Ram Nath Kovind.

"After Kovindji became President, the three-decade old tradition has been stopped. Inviting CM or leader of Opposition is altogether different. Why are Delhi MLAs being humiliated," he questioned, adding he got a total of seven invites from the President between 2014 and till Ram Nath Kovind became President in July 2017.

The BJP is in opposition in Delhi, while AAP is in power.

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