This Article is From Jan 05, 2017

More New Year's Eve Shame: Delhi Cops Who Helped Woman Attacked With Stones

Mob allegedly attacked police post after 2 students were caught for dragging a woman riding a motorcycle.


  • 2 students allegedly tried to pull a woman off a bike in north Delhi
  • Policemen stopped students from harassing woman
  • Video shows mob that allegedly attacked police after incident
New Delhi: The lack of women's safety in cities was shamefully on display not just in Bengaluru but also in Delhi on New Year's Eve, new footage has revealed. In north Delhi's Mukherjee Nagar area, policemen were attacked with stones moments after they tried to help a woman being manhandled and dragged by two men.

In a video, an agitated mob that allegedly threw stones at policemen is seen on the streets around 11.30 on December 31 night.

The mob allegedly attacked the police post after two students were caught for dragging a woman riding a motorcycle. The students allegedly tried to pull the woman off the bike but were stopped by policemen.

"They hit us with stones and we ran into the booth. There was a crowd of around 1,000 to 1,500. A lot of us were injured," said constable Anil Kaushik.

A case filed that night alleges rioting and obstructing a public servant but has no reference to the assault on the woman.

The Delhi incident has surfaced in the middle of shock and outrage over a group of women being molested at a public gathering in the heart of Bengaluru. The same night in another part of the IT city, a young woman was attacked by two men in an incident caught on security cameras.

The police said today that the woman was stalked for nearly a week by a group of men, four of whom were arrested today. Two others have been identified but have yet to be traced, said the city's new police chief Praveen Sood, who said the woman did not know her attackers.

Those arrested were named and shamed by the police chief - Ayappa, Leno, Som and Sudesh.