In CBSE Case, Clue In Images Of Leaked Papers Led To Breakthrough

Two teachers of a school in Delhi have been arrested in the CBSE paper leak case. The third man arrested is a tutor of economics at a coaching centre

Two teachers of a private school in Delhi were arrested in CBSE paper leak case.


  • Two Delhi school teachers photographed Class 12 Economics paper: police
  • They sent image of paper to a tutor who then forwarded it to his students
  • Breakthrough came from location code at the corner of leaked paper
New Delhi: The Class 12 CBSE Economics paper leak has been traced to a private school, Mother Khazani Convent School, in northwest Delhi's Bawana. Two teachers of the school opened the CBSE Class 12 economics papers some two hours before the exams, photographed it, and sent it to a third man, police sources said. Touqir, a tutor at a local coaching centre, then forwarded it to his students.

Touqir and the teachers -- Rishabh and Rohit -- have been arrested. Police sources gave a rough account of the leak after questioning the three men.

Rohit, the police say, teaches physics and Rishab is a mathematics teacher at a convent school in Bawana, Outer Delhi. They received between Rs 2,000 and Rs 5,000 for the paper from each student it was sent to.  The teachers' share of the money was 50 per cent, the rest went to the tutor.

What provided the breakthrough was the location code, which was in the corner of the leaked paper, the images of which was circulated on Whatsapp. Location code indicates which school the paper has been sent to and the police tracked it to zero in on the school.

The leak, sources said, had been planned a week or two in advance. The men accessed the papers when they were brought to the school for the exam, and opened the seal prematurely.

The police are investigating if the two teachers were tasked with invigilation.  Rules say question papers be brought to the schools in sealed packages and opened by invigilators in front of the principal just before the exam.

In this case, the papers were opened far ahead of time - around 9:15 am, though they were supposed to be opened at 9:45.  The exam was expected to begin at 11:00 am. The men, the police said, took photos of the paper and sent it to Touquir. Touquir, who taught economics, forwarded it to his students, the police said.

The police say in all, around 53 students and nine teachers have been questioned so far. Six WhatsApp groups that were involved in sharing the papers are also being looked into.