This Article is From Dec 23, 2013

AAP's decision on Delhi government formation today, Arvind Kejriwal says legislators will decide on Chief Minister

Arvind Kejriwal speaks to reporters in Delhi

New Delhi: Aam Aadmi Party leader Arvind Kejriwal has said that even though his party has a vision for Delhi, people's expectations scare him.

"We have a vision for Delhi and we've laid that out. But the expectations of people are far more, that is scary," Mr Kejriwal told NDTV.

He also said that AAP legislators will decide who will become the Chief Minister if his party forms the government. Mr Kejriwal's party has been holding jan sabhas or public meetings across the city seeking public opinion whether it should form a government with Congress' support, a party it fought against in the elections.

"It's a 'Dhramsankat' (dilemma) and these are trying times, so we have left it for the people to decide," said Mr Kejriwal. Sunday was the last day of AAP's jan sabhas and the party will announce its decision today.

Some of the people, who attended the party's jan sabhas, say AAP should form the government in Delhi. "It's important that AAP forms the government to prove that it can deliver; if the Congress betrays by withdrawing support, AAP will get more sympathy," says Raminder Singh, a retired bank official.

But others say AAP should seek a fresh mandate. "The party should stay out of power and seek a fresh mandate, it has shown it can win and it will get more votes," says Pushpa Rani, a home maker.

And that's the dilemma that AAP leadership is facing. The party had won on a strong anti-Congress-anti-BJP plank and Mr Kejriwal had said that AAP would not tie up with either.

The party made a spectacular debut winning 28 seats in Delhi, falling short by just eight of a majority.  The Congress, which was decimated to just eight seats, has offered support. But the party has made it clear that its support to AAP is not 'unconditional'.

"We have said we will not bring down your government. But the support is not for always. There's always the scope of a rethink if they don't deliver," senior Congress leader Kiran Walia told NDTV on Saturday.