Class 10 student elopes with teacher in Andhra

Class 10 student elopes with teacher in Andhra
Warangal: It's a different sort of child marriage.

In the Warangal district of Andhra Pradesh, a student at a private school ran away with his Science teacher and then married her at a temple.

The sixteen-year-old groom's mother says her new daughter-in-law informed her of the wedding. "She called up and told that they got married. Being a teacher, she fell in love with her student and married him. He is my only son. I won't accept it."

On the phone, however, the boy's parents asked the couple to return to their home where they said they'd organize a wedding reception for them.

When their son and his teacher arrived at their house, they summoned the police.

The parents want the police to file a case against the teacher, who's 21 years old.

However, the police is trying to counsel the couple instead into living apart till the student is old enough to be legally married.
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