This Article is From Dec 15, 2016

Cyclone Vardah Left Chennai ATMs Out Of Action

ATMs are not able to dispense cash without power and network.


  • Cyclone Vardah crippled power supply in Chennai
  • Power cuts and network problems across much of Chennai
  • ATMs not able to dispense cash without power and network
Chennai: Two days after Cyclone Vardah passed over Chennai, swiping and smashing everything on its path, the locals are dealing with an unforeseen fallout: non-working ATMs.

The cyclone had knocked out power and communication networks across much of Chennai, and these are still not fully restored, which makes it harder than ever to get notes out of an ATM.

At an ICICI bank branch on the city's Radhakrishnan Road, cash was available. But what the bank didn't have is the power supply and the network to dispense it.

One of the customers, Abdul Khader, told NDTV: "I have been to 10 ATMs so far. This is very difficult."

"There is no power. So no money," said Dorothy, another customer.

Authorities say around 450 transformers were damaged across Chennai, Kancheepuram and Thiruvallur; 9,000 people have been working to restore electricity in these cities.

The cash crunch has also stumped cricket fans who have come to the city for the final test between England and India, scheduled to be played on Friday.

Roman Wisniewski, a fan of the British cricket team, told NDTV, "It is so difficult to get cash. And when we do, the Rs 2000 notes are not accepted anywhere".  

"We don't have money for taxis," added Patrick Lidierth.

Alastair Wilman was luckier. His flight to Chennai had been diverted to Bengaluru and he had picked up cash there. Chennai authorities say power will be restored to most parts of the city by Tuesday night. For the residents, it won't be a moment too soon.