This Article is From Apr 22, 2013

Satisfied with the performance of Delhi Police, says Commissioner Neeraj Kumar

New Delhi: Under fire for the police's inadequate response, high-handeness and lapses in its investigation of a five-year-old girl's kidnapping and brutal rape in the capital last week, Delhi Police Neeraj Kumar today held a press conference to explain, among other things, why he does not think there is a need for him to heed angry demands from protesters that he resign.

In Neeraj Kumar's words:

  1. I am prepared to resign a 1000 times if that will solve the problem of depravity in people who commit rape.

  2. Is it humanly possible for a policeman to stop a case like this, when a neighbour lures and rapes a girl?

  3. Absolutely satisfied with the performance of the Delhi Police (In his term. Meanwhile, many people are gathered outside the police HQ protesting against the Delhi Police's inability to curb crime against women.) 

  4. One major thing that was caught on camera was slapping of a girl by ACP, I lost no time in suspending the officer. The ACP will be subject to a departmental inquiry. (There is a public demand that the officer be sacked.)

  5. One of the main allegations was that the father of the child was offered bribe. We have not been able to identify them; we have now proposed to take the police officers to the hospital so that the father can identify them.  (The girl's father says cops offered him Rs 2000 to hush up the case).

  6. There was no delay by the police. We registered a case the same day.

  7. We will take exemplary action against police officers who erred.

  8. Rapes are opportunistic crimes committed within the confines of private spaces. Only 3 per cent rapes are committed by strangers.

  9. Out of all cases reported, 85% of rape cases, 86% of molestation and 95% of eve-teasing cases are cracked. This shows the response of the police.

  10. There have been phenomenal changes in the Delhi Police after the December 16 Delhi gang-rape.


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