This Article is From Mar 18, 2016

Reservation By April 3 Or Else... Jat Leaders Give Haryana New Deadline

Reservation By April 3 Or Else... Jat Leaders Give Haryana New Deadline

Jat protests for reservation had turned violent in February, during which 30 people were killed. (File photo)


  • Jat leaders have agreed to put off quota protest till end of the month
  • They want reservation in government jobs and colleges
  • Protests for reservation had turned violent in February leaving 30 dead
New Delhi: After a meeting with top government officials, Jat leaders in Haryana have promised they will not launch a new round of violent protests - for now - to push their demand for reserved government jobs and college places.

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  1. The Jats had threatened to begin mass demonstrations yesterday if the government did not commit to including them in a group of castes that benefit from affirmative action.

  2. Their warning came after ferocious violence during their protests in February, during which 30 people were killed. There was widespread arson for days, and losses from the demonstrations amounted to billions of dollars, said industry groups.

  3. After meeting with the government today in Chandigarh, the Jats have agreed to defer demonstrations till the end of the month.

  4. By then, they say, the government must clear legislation that will allocate to them a quota of government jobs and college seats.

  5. The government has agreed to include the Jat and four other castes among the beneficiaries of reservation policies, but an attempt to do so is likely to be struck down by courts.

  6. The Supreme Court last year ruled that the Jats, a traditionally affluent and powerful caste which makes up 30 per cent of Haryana's population cannot be considered a backward community entitled to reservation.

  7. Including the Jats would also mean that Haryana busts the 50 per cent limit ordered by the Supreme Court for reserved government jobs.

  8. The previous Congress government in Haryana attempted to add the Jats to the quota, but the Haryana High Court declared its proposal unacceptable.

  9. The Jat representatives who met with the government today want to see a copy of the proposed legislation.

  10. "There can be no repeat of last time," Prime Minister Narendra Modi yesterday told Haryana Chief Minister ML Khattar and Home Minister Rajnath Singh, asking them to ensure that the state is equipped to prevent clashes.