This Article is From Jun 07, 2015

Land Boundary Agreement is Not Realignment of Land, But a Meeting of Hearts: PM Modi in Dhaka

Land Boundary Agreement is Not Realignment of Land, But a Meeting of Hearts: PM Modi in Dhaka

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addresses the Indian diaspora at the Dhaka University.

DHAKA: Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the Indian diaspora at the Dhaka University today. In the hour-long speech, he touched upon the not only the crucial land agreement and Teesta waters issue, but also the strengths of India and Bangladesh and the challenges the two countries face.

Here are ten big quotes from his speech:

  1. People thought we were only located near but now people have accepted that we are near as well as together.

  2. I am happy and proud that Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has made development her only goal.

  3. If you think Land Boundary Agreement is about land going this side and that side, then think again. It is a meeting of hearts.

  4. We are two countries which have built bridges over land issue to connect to each other. Any other developed country would have been given Nobel prize for such an act. But we are poor countries, so nobody notices us.

  5. I assure you, we will find a resolution to Teesta water issue on human principles.

  6. Bangladesh, like India, is a youthful nation. I'm sure the development journey of Bangladesh cannot stop now.

  7. India can learn from Bangladesh how to beat infant mortality.

  8. In terms of women empowerment Bangladesh has reached new standards. The Prime Minister, the Speaker, the leader of opposition, the leader of opposition political party, the Vice Chancellor (at Dhaka University) are all women.

  9. Your cricket team entered the world arena late, however they are counted as equals by the other teams of the world.

  10. Every sixth person is an Indian, still India is not in the UN (United Nations) Security Council.