This Article is From Apr 30, 2013

CBI must be liberated from political interference, says Supreme Court

CBI must be liberated from political interference, says Supreme Court
New Delhi: The Supreme Court has castigated the CBI sharply today for showing a report on its coal investigation to the government before submitting it to judges last month. The top court says their first exercise is to free the CBI from political interference.

Here is a selection of the Top 10 quotes

  1. Can you tell us, is the Law Minister entitled to call for such (CBI investigation) reports? Joint Secretary Coal, Joint Secretary PMO - can they also look into the status report?

  2. The very foundation of the investigative process is shaky. Investigating agency has to do something that enhances its credibility and independence.

  3. We believed you. We trusted you. Still you haven't disclosed anything on how the draft was changed. Court was kept in the dark.

  4. Why an assertive statement made by CBI through its counsel Additional Solicitor General that the status report was not shared with anyone.

  5. Your foundation is shaky. Maybe somebody desires something.

  6. Why were details of changes, under whose instance these changes were made not disclosed in CBI chief's affidavit?

  7. This suppression (of information) is not ordinary, it is deliberate and it was decided not to inform the court.

  8. As an investigator you (CBI) know you are the master, you don't have to seek instructions from anyone.

  9. CBI will have to be liberated from extraneous influence and be insulated - this is our first aim.

  10. Clarify by May 6 as to why in the status report of March 8, no disclosure was made that draft report has been shared with Government.