Narendra Modi addresses rally in Hyderabad


Aug 11, 2013
17:58 (IST)
Rs 10 lakhs have been collected as contribution from those who paid Rs 5 each to come and see Narendra Modi, says BJP
Aug 11, 2013
17:57 (IST)
Modi's mantra (crowd chants) YES we can, Yes Will Do... Jai Telangana, Jai Seemandhra ,
Bharat Mata ki jai, Vande Mataram

Aug 11, 2013
17:07 (IST)

Narendra Modi begins addressing the crowd. Greets them in Telugu.

  • You celebrate September 17 as Hyderabad liberation day. I'm fortunate as that day is my birthday too
  • Congratulate BJP leaders in Andhra Pradesh for using this political rally for social benefit
  • I thank the youth of Andhra Pradesh because they paid registration fee of Rs 5 and helped out the people of Uttarakhand
  • The UPA government in Delhi has betrayed the people. People are losing faith in the government today
  • We need to send a strong message to Pakistan. They need to understand that there will be consequences 
  • Again the trust of the nation has been broken, this government cannot ensure India's security
  • This government is immersed in votebank politics and is turning a blind eye to India's security
  • On the Bangladesh border, BSF has been instructed not to use force to stop infiltrators
  • China came within our borders, the whole world saw... I am surprised that the govt took such a decision that while China went back, the Indian Army was forced out of our own territory
    Indian Foreign Minster went to China and said he wanted to stay in Beijing... doob maro, doob maro...aapko sharam aani chaiye
    They are rubbing salt into the wounds of India's citizens 
  • Indian Foreign Minister went to Jaipur and fed guests from Pakistan Biryani... he said it was protocol. What protocol should we follow with people whose countrymen have cut off the heads of our soldiers?
  • Undertrials in Indian jails don't get bails, but the two Italian marines who shot Indian fishermen got bail. They had run off to Italy, came back only when Supreme Court pressured the government
  • You worry about India, I worry about the youth in this country
  • Congress rules in Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh... and both states lead the national statistics in suicide
  • The youth in Andhra Pradesh have to go to Gulf countries to earn two square meals
  • The Congress policy has been to divide and rule. They promised Telangana in 2004
  • Andhra Pradesh sends the most Congress MPs to Delhi. What did Andhra Pradesh get?
  • When Chattisgarh was formed, there were celebrations in Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh...Congress has turned brother against brother. BJP has always been in favour of Telangana
  • Why did you (UPA government) not start the process of forming Telangana in 2004? They don't have the best interests of the people in mind
  • For us, Telangana is as important as Seemandhra. I come from Gujarat - the land of Gandhi and Sardar Patel. I appeal to you, no matter what games Congress plays, don't fight amongst yourselves
  • We are brothers, we must walk together. In Ahmedabad, there are six lakh Tekugu speaking people... we live together... If we can, then people from Telangana and Andhra can also live together. We must ensure that both Telangana and Andhra should surpass Gujarat in development. In development lies the solution to all our problems
  • Congress refuses to walk on path of development because they cannot answer the people
  • When Vajpayee was PM, the poor had enough to eat and no one had to think of food security
  • The Congress rule has meant the poor did not have enough to eat
  • There is a new term inclusive growth, where has this come from overnight? They have had to develop this term since the Congress has not done anything inclusive in 60 years
  • Congress has become a burden for this country
  • I am in AP and I want to remember NTR. He gave fillip to anti-Congress politics. The best tribute to him would be a "Congress-mukt Bharat". This must be the priority of anyone who lays claim to NTR's legacy
  • Telugu Desam, who has NTR's legacy, must see that his dream is realised
  • The winds of change are blowing against the Congress. This country is looking forward to a Congress-less government at the Centre
  • Our leader LK Advani went around the country demanding that black money be brought back to India. I want to know what problems the government has in getting the black money back?
  • This begs the question - whose money is this that is lying in foreign banks?
  • I want to tell Congress leaders in AP - if you hate Gujarat, don't look at us. But look at neighbouring Tamil Nadu where Jayalalithaa has invested in skill development
  • We speak of demographic dividend - we have 65% population under the age of 35 but if we can't provide employment, then you can  imagine what will happen to India

Aug 11, 2013
16:48 (IST)

Senior BJP leader Venkaiah Naidu speaking on stage now.

  • In every corner of India, the only conversation that happens now is that the Congress must go, the BJP must come and Narendra Modi must lead the country.
  • Congress is dividing people on different issues, people want change
  • Hits out at Congress over corruption
  • CBI has become the Congress bureau of investigation - they have tried their best to pressure Narendra Modi
  • BJP's ethos - nation first, party next, self last. Congress - self first, party next and if something remains, then the country
  • Youth are chanting Modi Modi Modi. Congress is also chanting Modi Modi Modi
  • Nation first, party next, self last. That is the motto of the BJP. Congress is opposite
  • United Front has no unity. National Front is a notional front. Third Front, a third-rate front

Aug 11, 2013
16:44 (IST)
G Kishan Reddy slams Congress over Telangana issue, says " Once Congress came to know about Modi coming to Hyderabad, they rushed to announce Telangana."

"We will develop Seemandhra and Telangana like Gujarat. Once NDA comes to power in Delhi we will ensure all development of both regions."
Aug 11, 2013
16:41 (IST)
"Andhra Pradesh is going through turbulence. The Chief Minister has stopped coming to work for 15 days. The Congress is speaking on the state issue with a forked tongue," says G Kishan Reddy, Andhra Pradesh BJP chief.
Aug 11, 2013
16:38 (IST)
G Kishan Reddy, Andhra Pradesh BJP chief, speaking on stage; compares Narendra Modi to Sardar Patel
Aug 11, 2013
16:08 (IST)
Narendra Modi comes on stage:

Aug 11, 2013
15:38 (IST)
Narendra Modi arrives in Hyderabad, meets BJP leaders, ex-bureaucrats
Senior BJP leader M Venkaiah Naidu, former party president Bangaru Laxman and several retired bureaucrats were among those who met Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi.
Aug 11, 2013
12:21 (IST)
Public and media personnel not allowed to enter the the Park Hyatt Hotel, where Mr Modi is staying, due to security reasons
Aug 11, 2013
11:59 (IST)
Narendra Modi is at the Park Hyatt Hotel, where he will meet industrialists and representatives from the information technology sector and the Telugu film industry.
Aug 11, 2013
11:58 (IST)
Narendra Modi arrived in Hyderabad by a special aircraft at Begumpet Airport shortly after 10 am. State BJP president G Kishan Reddy and senior leaders Bandaru Dattatreya, Vidyasagar Rao and others welcomed him.
Aug 11, 2013
11:40 (IST)

Aug 11, 2013
10:57 (IST)
Preparations on at the Lal Bahadur stadium for Narendra Modi's rally
Aug 11, 2013
10:29 (IST)
Narendra Modi arrives in Hyderadad for rally
Aug 11, 2013
09:15 (IST)
  • Narendra Modi to arrive in Hyderabad at 10 am. He will hold private meeting with industry, youth, caste group leaders through the day.
  • Organisers say one lakh people expected to attend Mr Modi's rally this evening. The Lal Bahadur Stadium, the venue of the rally, cannot accommodate more than 50,000 people, so a spillover is expected outside.
  • Also, at least 30,000 weddings are scheduled to take place in the city on August 11 as it's Shuddh Panchami, an auspicious day
  • Traffic to be diverted from 2-7 pm around the Lal Bahadur Stadium in central Hyderabad
  • BJP stand on Telangana may have dampened mobilisation from Coastal/Rayalaseema districts
  • Huge anti-bifurcation protests currently on in coastal and southern Andhra Pradesh districts
  • Narendra Modi to unveil Sardar Patel statue at Keshav Memorial School after youth conclave meeting in the evening
Aug 11, 2013
09:07 (IST)
Narendra Modi to kick off BJP's election campaign with mega rally in Hyderabad today
The Gujarat Chief Minister will hold a mega rally in Hyderabad today to kick off the BJP's election campaign for the 2014 general elections. The rally will be held in the evening at Hyderabad's Lal Bahadur Stadium, where the BJP says over one people will be in attendance.
Aug 11, 2013
01:05 (IST)
Anti-Telangana protests may cast shadow on Narendra Modi's rally in Hyderabad today
The ongoing agitation against the bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh is likely to cast a shadow on the much-publicised Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) rally to be addressed by Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi at Hyderabad today.
Aug 11, 2013
01:04 (IST)
Amid a fusillade of criticism, the party had rescinded a decision to charge an entry fee of Rs. 5 per head for the Gujarat Chief Minister's speech. Instead, the contribution is now voluntary, labelled "a delegate fee" and the money raised will be donated to relief and rehabilitation funds for Uttarakhand, which was savagely pounded by flash floods and landslides in June.
Aug 11, 2013
01:03 (IST)
Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi will address a rally in Hyderabad this evening. His party, the BJP, has booked the Lal Bahadur Stadium in the city for its star speaker. The venue can accommodate 30,000 people, that is the seating strength. The BJP expects one lakh people to attend.
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