This Article is From Feb 05, 2017

She Met Him Online. Found In Bhopal Home, Buried Under Concrete

Akansha Sharma was strangled by her lover in Bhopal, then her body was placed in a metal box.


  • Woman had moved in with man she met online
  • He allegedly confesses to killing her after fight
  • Body found in coffin buried under cement "shrine"
Bhopal: Police used large drills for three hours last night to extricate the dead body of a young woman who was allegedly killed by her lover in Bhopal.

Akansha Sharma, 28, had been strangled after which her body was placed in a metal box. Upon that, concrete was poured to create a mausoleum of sorts in the home that she shared with Udyan Das.
bhopal woman buried in cement slab

The concrete in which the 28-year-old woman was buried in Bhopal.

The police said that Ms Sharma, who was from Bengal, met Mr Das, a resident of Bhopal, through social media last year. She reportedly told her parents that she was moving to the US, and kept in touch with them till December.

When there was no word from her after that, the police traced her phone records to Bhopal and Mr Das, who allegedly confessed to killing and burying her nearly two months ago after a fight.
bhopal man

Udyan Das allegedly confessed to killing and burying the woman nearly two months ago.