Bangalore woman alleges obscene mails from ex-husband

Bangalore woman alleges obscene mails from ex-husband
Bangalore: A 27-year-old woman in Bangalore has complained against her ex-husband for hacking her account and posting obscene mails to malign her character.

Mehataj Khanum divorced her husband Mohammed Hafeezulla according to Muslim laws on July 5 last year. She alleged in her complaint, "Hafeezulla has hacked my email id and sent a mail to my brother Zabiullah who is an IT Manager in Mumbai and to another brother Hidayath Ullah Khan, a techie in Bangalore. The mail said that Khanaum's father is a pimp and she is into prostitution."

Not just the mail, but he also allegedly morphed her pictures for blackmailing. "He morphed my photos with bodies of film actresses and after sending them to my brother, he is threatening to mail them to my brothers' respective firms," she said.

"Post marriage, I couldn't bear the torture and registered a dowry harassment case with Halasuru Gate police station. Hafeezulla and his parents apologised at the station when the police subjected them to enquiry. But they continued to torture me, so we separated on July 5 last year. But he still comes to my house and threatens me," Mehataj.

The accused also threatened to kill her family members. "He threatened my brother on chat that he would kill me and my parents. He even visited our home with a knife and threatened to kill all of us," she alleged.  

An official from Banaswadi police station said, "We have registered a case of insult to provoke and also a life threat case. We are looking for the accused and are investigating."