This Article is From Jun 08, 2011

Bangalore techie arrested for wife's death

Bangalore: Parents of Aasti Shekhar (25), who reportedly hanged herself at her flat in Virupakshapura in Bangalore on June 3, have alleged that their daughter's husband and his family murdered her for dowry. The police have arrested Aasti's husband, Abhijit Sikandar, a techie, following a dowry harassment complaint filed by her father.

Aasti's father Muralidhar Pathak, the principal of a Kendriya Vidyalaya school in Bihar, and mother Sarita Pathak met Joint Commissioner of Police (Crime) Alok Kumar, and filed a complaint against their son-in-law and his parents. Aasti's father said that Abhijit and his parents murdered her in a planned manner and made it look like a suicide.

"Abhijit has tried to mislead the investigation by stating that Aasti committed suicide since she was unable to secure a job. She had just got married two months ago, so how can anyone believe something like that? In fact, she had got a job in a bank before marriage, but she did not report for duty, as she was getting married," he informed.

He alleged that Abhijit was forcing her to bring more dowry and was not looking after her. "Though their wedding was lavish, he was demanding cash and other things like a car, furniture and air-conditioner. Aasti was murdered for failure to procure those things," he said. Meanwhile, he also accused Abhijit of having an extra marital affair with one, Ramya, his ex-colleague.

"Aasti, in her diary, has mentioned that he used to turn the speakerphone on his mobile on and speak to the woman in front of her. He mentally harassed her by saying that Ramya did not want him to live with Aasti."

Pathak added, alleging that Abhijit's parents, who also allegedly harassed the victim for dowry, came from Patna on May 25 just to put an end to Aasti's life. Joint Commissioner of Police (Crime), Alok Kumar, said that Abhijit was arrested as the police had evidence that he harassed the victim for dowry. "However, there is no evidence to conclude that Aasti was murdered and currently, investigation is on," he added.