Maruti Suzuki Releases New Teaser Video; Swift CNG Coming Soon?

Maruti Suzuki's new teaser video on S-CNG technology gives a hint of its future plans for the CNG portfolio, which might include the Swift soon.

Maruti Suzuki Releases New Teaser Video; Swift CNG Coming Soon?

Maruti Suzuki has released a new teaser video, hinting at new developments in the company's CNG line-up. The Japanese automaker is undoubtedly the largest CNG car manufacturer in the country. The company has also revealed its plans to vouch for CNG over diesel in the future run. The teaser video shows the Maruti Suzuki Brezza and Fronx in a red paint scheme in a desert, zipping around, creating large clouds of dirt and sand. The teaser gets a caption, "Can you hear it? Can you feel it? The rumble in your heart. That's the sound of something exciting coming your way! Get ready to see S-CNG like you've never seen it before."

While the new teaser doesn't reveal anything concrete about the brand's next move, reports have that Maruti Suzuki could soon launch the Swift CNG in the country. The Swift is the most recent launch from the brand in our market. It's powered by an all-new Z-Series 3-cylinder powerplant that produces 82 Hp and 112 Nm of max torque. With the factory-fitted CNG kit, it will produce less power and torque. The petrol trims are on sale with two gearbox choices - 5-speed MT and 5-speed AMT. Also, the option of the factory-fitted CNG kit is likely to be offered on all variants of the Swift with a manual transmission.

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The rumours have that Maruti Suzuki is preparing a dual-cylinder CNG kit like the Tata Motors. However, the brand is tight-lipped about its plans. If so, Maruti Suzuki could increase its CNG market share to new heights, as the new layout of the CNG tanks will elevate the boot capacity of the vehicles by a substantial margin. For exact information on what's cooking at Maruti Suzuki's end, we'll have to wait for new developments on this topic.