This Article is From Mar 07, 2016

Girl, 17, Dies Allegedly After Stalker Sets Her On Fire In Andhra Pradesh

In her statement to the police before dying, she said she was set on fire by two brothers who live in her neighbourhood.

Hyderabad: Hours after a teenage girl from Andhra Pradesh complained to the police about being stalked, she was found with 90 per cent burn injuries at her home and died at a local hospital. Police have arrested two young men - one of them a minor - and are investigating if it is a case of suicide or murder.

The parents of 17-year-old Indumathi, a resident of Eluru town who died on Saturday night, say their daughter was set ablaze for complaining to the police about the stalking.

The teenager, who wanted to be a nurse, had reportedly stopped going to junior college because she was allegedly being stalked by a former classmate who lives in the same neighbourhood.

In her dying declaration, Indumathi said he and his elder brother had set her on fire. The assailants had barged in when she was in the bathroom, doused her with kerosene and set her ablaze.

West Godavari district police chief Bhaskar Bhushan told NDTV the girl, had, however, told the doctor immediately after she came into hospital that she set herself ablaze as her father had blamed her for the stalking episode. The police suspected the girl may have been pressured by her family to change her statement.

Indumathi's father told NDTV they found her fighting for life after returning from fields.

A few hours before, "she came and gave us lunch," he said. "We came home and found her burnt with kerosene... There were only elderly people at home." They were outside in the courtyard and did not realise what was happening inside.

"My daughter said she had not told us about the harassment as he (the accused) had threatened that he would kill himself or kill all of us if she told us. They set her ablaze because she complained to police,'' her mother told NDTV.

The police, however, said there was an allegation of a "love angle". "We are investigating and will punish the guilty,'' said Bhaskar Bhushan, Superintendent of Police, West Godavari district.