Noida residents to get complete Ganga water supply soon

Noida:  Ending dependency on ground water, the Noida authority will start supplying water from Ganga river to the residents by the mid of next year.

Announcing this on Friday, authority's Chief Executive Officer Sanjiv Saran said the decision will help in preservation and recharging of precious groundwater resources.

The current availability of Ganga water is 48 million litres per day and presently, around 15 to 20 per cent of the river water is mixed with ground water, Saran said.

By the end of March 2013, Noida will receive an incremental 192 million litres per day of Ganga water, thus augmenting the total availability to 240 million litres per day.

He added that the demand of water in Noida is likely to stand at 215 million litres per day by March 2013.

The estimation of demand for water is based on the assumption that the per capita daily consumption of water will be 150 litres, Saran said.

The authority also expects that with a 100 per cent Ganga water supply, the extraction of ground water will become redundant due to surplus availability as the actual per capita consumption of water is less than the estimates, he said.

By end of this year, the available quantity of treated water will also increase from the current 93 to 143 million litres per day.

He said a new plant is being set up which, within two years, will increase the capacity of treated water by a further 88 million litres per day, taking total availability to 231 million litres per day.

In addition 75 million litres per day using UASB and Oxidation technologies is available for irrigation purposes, he said.

"A DPR has already been prepared by Water And Power Consultancy Services (WAPCOS), a Government of India enterprise, whereby of the total availability of treated sewage water, 60 per cent will be utilised for irrigation, thus recharging the ground water table. The balance 40 per cent will be used for construction and other industrial purposes," he said.

Saran said it has been made mandatory for all builders to provide details of the source of water being used before starting work at any site, he said.

Story First Published: November 23, 2012 20:53 IST

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