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Last day of Parliament session

Feb 21, 2014
17:12 (IST)
Lok Sabha Speaker Meira Kumar addresses the House
  • I would have been happy if there were more women in the House.
  • We succeeded in finding solutions, sometimes failed to.
  • Thank MPs for electing me as the first women speaker.
  • It was our responsibility to ensure we made the most out of every session...but the incidents that happened brought work to a halt.

Feb 21, 2014
16:59 (IST)
Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's final speech in Lok Sabha
  • We've seen that on certain crucial matters this House has the capacity and the will to rise above parties and strive and find pathways of national reconciliation.
  • The manner in which another state is being born proves that this country is capable of taking some difficult decisions.
  • We can take pride in this, something which has been pending for the past 60 years has ultimately seen the light of day.
  • On crucial issues, the House rose above differences.
  • Food Security Bill is another landmark legislation.
  • People will now have an opportunity to judge on performance, weaknesses and achievements of the government.
  • Thank all members...colleague Shinde ji who performed his duties...my best wishes to all members of this House. 
  • Hope we come out of this tension filled atmosphere...that there will be birth of a new atmosphere.

Feb 21, 2014
15:58 (IST)
Sharad Yadav praises poise shown by Speaker in handling difficult circumstances in the House
  • I have seen Indira Gandhi in this House. I have been jailed during emergency but some of the decisions that she took still inspire me.
  • In difficult situations...you (Speaker) have managed to maintain the right balance
  • Just by making laws, the society doesn't change
  • Sadhan se desh nahi banega...
  • We have debated on so many good issues...
  • But the country will remember the incidents that happened in the House...for all the wrong reasons it will be remembered

Feb 21, 2014
15:56 (IST)
Mulayam Singh Yadav
  • Wish Speaker Meira Kumar all the best and hope she comes back in the next session
  • LK Advani strengthened the BJP party, made it what it is today
  • I'm saying it now itself, SP will support you (Meira Kumar) as Speaker for the next term

Feb 21, 2014
15:49 (IST)
When members used to gather to protest, I was afraid, Sushil Kumar Shinde

  • Historic incidents that happened in the House...witness to all of that.
  • National food security bill which was passed...the poor, the farmer...they got some kind of security with this bill.
  • We have stood together when that unfortunate incident took place in December.
  • I am thankful  to the Leader of the Opposition Sushma Swaraj. 
  • Sometimes inside the house it seems she is so upset that she wouldn't speak to us but outside the house, she speaks with such sweetness.
  • Thank her for support on Telangana.
  • Mulayam Singhji is basically a teacher. He is quick to lose his temper with students but also cools down quickly and explain any situation as a teacher with his students.

Feb 20, 2014
20:42 (IST)
Amid chaos and slogans, Rajya Sabha clears Telangana bill | NDTV.com
The Rajya Sabha has passed the controversial bill that makes Telangana India's 29th state, bifurcating Andhra Pradesh. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh announced a special package for Seemandhra, a region that is the residuary state.
Feb 20, 2014
20:23 (IST)
People from both regions should be happy and satisfied with Telangana bill: Congress's S Jaipal Reddy
Feb 20, 2014
20:17 (IST)
Telangana Rashtra Samithi's KC Rao
  • Fully satisfied and extremely happy
  • Thankful to Sonia Gandhi, only because of her initiative it has been possible
  • Want to thank all political parties and the people of Telangana

Feb 20, 2014
20:07 (IST)
Telangana Bill passed. Rajya Sabha adjourned to meet tomorrow at 11 AM
The Rajya Sabha has passed the controversial bill that creates Telangana India's 29th state, bifurcating Andhra Pradesh. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh announced a special package for Seemandhra, a region that is the residuary state.  The bill was passed amidst total chaos. The Left parties walked out after the chair refused a division on the bill.
Feb 20, 2014
20:06 (IST)
I'm helpless, says the Rajya Sabha chair
CPI(M)'s Sitaram Yechury pushing for a division. The Chair points out the House is not in order and rules don't permit the division. "I am helpless," says Mr Kurien.

Feb 20, 2014
20:06 (IST)
I'm helpless, says the Rajya Sabha chair
CPI(M)'s Sitaram Yechury pushing for a division. The Chair points out the House is not in order and rules don't permit the division. "I am helpless," says Mr Kurien.

Feb 20, 2014
19:53 (IST)
Voting on Telangana Bill in Rajya Sabbha amidst protests
"I am not aware of any match-fixing. I am going by the rules," says Rajya Sabha chair PJ Kurien.
Feb 20, 2014
19:49 (IST)
Clause by clause voting on Telangana Bill underway in Rajya Sabha
Feb 20, 2014
19:45 (IST)
News Update:
Clause by clause consideration of the Telangana Bill on in Rajya Sabha.
Government refuses to accept amendment moved by BJP's Venkaiah Naidu. Mr Naidu says, "which clause is being discussed, what is being voted up I am not able to understand because of this din."
Feb 20, 2014
19:40 (IST)
PM's statement in Rajya Sabha on the Telangana Bill and a special package for the successor state of Andhra Pradesh

Mr. Chairman Sir:

I have listened very carefully to the views expressed by the Leader of Opposition and all the other members who have spoken, especially those from Andhra Pradesh. The Home Minister has already mentioned the specific steps our Government will take to address the concerns of all regions of the state, particularly of Seemandhra.

I would like to make a few further announcements in this regard.

First, for purposes of Central assistance, Special Category Status will be extended to the successor state of Andhra Pradesh comprising 13 districts, including the four districts of Rayalaseema and the three districts of north coastal Andhra for a period of five years. This will put the state's finances on a firmer footing.

Second, the Bill already stipulates that the Central Government shall take appropriate fiscal measures, including offer of tax incentives to the successor states in order to promote industrialization and economic growth in both the states.  These incentives will be along the lines extended to some other states.
Third, the Bill already provides for a special development package for the backward regions of the successor state of Andhra Pradesh, in particular for the districts of Rayalaseema and North Coastal Andhra Pradesh. This development package will be on the lines of the K-B-K (Koraput-Bolangir-Kalahandi) Special Plan in Odisha and the Bundelkhand special package in Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh.

Fourth, I would like to reassure Honourable Members that if any further   amendments are needed to facilitate smooth and full Rehabilitation & Resettlement(R&R) for the Polavaram project, they will be given effect to at the earliest. Our government willexecute the Polavaram project--let there be no doubt about it.

Fifth, the appointed day for the formation of the new State will be so fixed in relation to the notified date so as to enable preparatory work relating to personnel , finance and distribution of assets and liabilities to be completed satisfactorily.

Sixth, the resource gap that may arise in the successor state of Andhra Pradesh in the very first year, especially  during the period between the appointed day and the acceptance of the 14th Finance Commission recommendations by the Government of India, will be compensated in the Regular Union Budget for 2014-15.

Sir, I hope these additional announcements will demonstrate our steadfast commitment to not just the creation of Telangana but also to the continued prosperity and welfare of Seemandhra.

Feb 20, 2014
19:33 (IST)
PM announces special package for Seemandhra
Feb 20, 2014
19:30 (IST)
Rajya Sabha chairman says discussion is over. Puts Telangana Bill to vote.
Feb 20, 2014
19:25 (IST)
'Phaad do, phenk do' (tear it and throw away) slogans raised as PM Manmohan Singh starts speaking on Telangana Bill.
Feb 20, 2014
19:22 (IST)
My fear is that the Telangana decision may be deemed unconstitutional tomorrow: Arun Jaitley
Feb 20, 2014
19:20 (IST)
Time to create Telangana has come: Kapil Sibal
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