This man captured Ajmal Kasab in his camera on 26/11

This man captured Ajmal Kasab in his camera on 26/11

Sebastian D'Souza

Mumbai On 26/11, attack day, D'Souza heard the gunfire and rushed to the CST. The terrorists were firing on commuters. With his life on the line, D'Souza was the first one to capture Ajmal Kasab on camera. Photographs taken by D'Souza and his testimony in the court played a part in helping the Mumbai police get death sentence for Kasab.

D'Souza recollects, getting angry at the memory, "There were several armed policemen on the spot but all of them were scared to shoot Kasab. At one point, I even imagined that I should have had a gun in my hand instead of a camera."

In April this year, D'Souza quit his job, citing tiredness from years on the field. "Ab bas hua. Ab main thak gaya." (I am tired and I need rest). I have not made any future plan. I will take life as it comes," he says.

The government has shown amnesia towards his efforts. It has been four years that the government promised to allot him a flat. That promise is still to be fulfilled.

"Recently I met CM Prithviraj Chavan who said that the matter is under process," said D'Souza, whose pictures spoke louder than words on the night that changed Mumbai forever.

Story First Published: November 22, 2012 14:17 IST

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