God help you and this country: Supreme Court to government

God help you and this country: Supreme Court to government
New Delhi The Supreme Court today took offense to the fact that retired judges, who are currently members of a tribunal, have not been given government accommodation in Delhi.

The judges told the government's lawyer, "You slip into deep slumber and you want court to wake you up? Why do you compel us to do something which we refrain from doing? God help you and God help this country."

The court wants housing to be provided immediately to the chairman and members of  the Mahadayi Water Disputes Tribunal, which was created in November 2010 to handle a water dispute between Karnataka and Goa.

The government says tribunal members are not eligible for accommodation, and can hire homes for which they will be reimbursed.

The court disagreed. "As per rules, they are entitled to get accommodation. You can't deny them (homes) when vacancies are available. Do you expect the retired judges to roam on the streets of Delhi? If you don't want tribunals to function, scrap the statutes (laws) which provide for the  appointment of judges to tribunals."

The case will next be heard on October 30.
Story First Published: October 01, 2012 15:04 IST

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