US Woman Made Son Say 'Goodbye To Daddy' On Camera Before Killing Him

Savannah Kriger, 32, and her son Kaiden were found dead with gunshot wounds to their heads at a San Antonio park back on March 19.

US Woman Made Son Say 'Goodbye To Daddy' On Camera Before Killing Him

The woman taunted her ex through videos and texts before shooting her young son.

In a tragic incident, a 32-year-old woman named Savannah Kriger from Texas instructed her 3-year-old son to bid farewell to his father while filming him shortly before she shot the child and then herself, according to The New York Post. The devastating event took place on March 19 at a park in San Antonio. Kriger and her son, Kaiden, were discovered dead with gunshot wounds to their heads.

Authorities have been investigating the circumstances surrounding the murder-suicide for several weeks. Prior to the incident, Kriger engaged in disturbing behaviour, including shooting at her wedding photos, vandalising her ex-husband's residence, and sending him threatening FaceTime videos and texts.

According to The NY Post, the sequence of events began when Kriger left work on the afternoon of March 18 and proceeded directly to her ex-husband's home while he was away at work. Following the damage inflicted at her ex-husband's residence, Kriger returned to her own home, where investigators later found her wedding attire and portraits arranged on the bed. According to Sheriff Javier Salazar of the Bexar County Sheriff's Office, it is believed that Kriger discharged two rounds into her wedding portraits.

"You don't have anything to go home to now. You really don't," Kriger said on one FaceTime call. "You won't have anything at all at the end of the day."

The final text to her ex read, "Say goodbye to your son."

A 21-second video recovered from her phone showed Kriger and her son sitting in the ditch in the park, where their bodies would later be discovered.