This Article is From May 27, 2022

Girl "Put (Blood) On Herself", Played Dead: Family On Texas Shooting

The shooter was 18-year-old Salvador Ramos who entered the school on Tuesday and gunned down students and teachers with an assault rifle.

Girl 'Put (Blood) On Herself', Played Dead: Family On Texas Shooting

Anxious parents waiting outside the Robb Elementary School in Texas on Tuesday.

The family of an 11-year-old girl, who survived the massacre at Robb Elementary School in Texas, has said that the fourth grader played dead after the gunman entered her classroom. They, however, mentioned that the students Miah Cerrillo is struggling to cope and telling them what she witnessed during the shooting.

“My sister-in-law said is that she saw her friend full of blood, and she got blood and put it on herself,” Ms Cerrillo's aunt Blanca Rivera told station KPRC.

Before playing dead, she managed to grab the phone of her teacher - who was killed in the mass shooting - and call 911 for help.

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Ms Rivera further said that she got a call from her niece's mother on the night of the shooting that she was having a “panic attack”, as reported by the New York Post.

She may have survived one of the worst school shootings in US history, but is still traumatised, the Post further quoted Ms Cerrillo's aunt as saying.

NBC reported that the 11-year-old was taken to the hospital due to injuries sustained by bullet fragments in her back.

Texas police, meanwhile, faced angry questions on Thursday over why it took an hour to neutralise the gunman who murdered 19 small children and two teachers in Uvalde, as video emerged of desperate parents begging officers to storm the school.

In one, nearly seven-minute clip posted on YouTube, parents waiting outside are seen screaming expletives at police trying to keep them away from Robb Elementary School.

"It's my daughter!" a woman is heard screaming amid chaotic scenes of crying and shoving.

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The shooter was 18-year-old Salvador Ramos, with a history of being bullied. He entered the school on Tuesday and gunned down students and teachers with an assault rifle.

After shooting his own grandmother, Ramos crashed her vehicle near the school, then fired on bystanders before entering through a door that was apparently unlocked.

Officers went in minutes later, but were held back by gunfire and called for backup. A tactical team including US Border Patrol agents entered and killed the gunman approximately an hour later, news agency AFP reported.