Inside Google’s 25th Birthday Party. Courtesy: Sundar Pichai

For the birthday doodle, a GIF was made that turned “Google” into “G25gle”. 

Inside Google?s 25th Birthday Party. Courtesy: Sundar Pichai

It was Google's 25th birthday yesterday. Now, Google CEO Sundar Pichai has shared a series of pictures from the grand celebrations that took place at Google offices.

In the opening frame, shared on Instagram, Mr Pichai is seen addressing people sitting in the audience with birthday caps. Don't miss the Google Doodle displayed on the giant screen. We also get a glimpse of the special birthday cake and the decor at Google's office. 

Sharing the album, Mr Pichai said, “It's not a birthday without a birthday party - and birthday cupcakes! Great to see Googlers all around the world getting together to celebrate our 25th birthday.”

To mark the special day, the search engine giant came up with a doodle. It was a GIF that turns “Google” into “G25gle”. 

Sharing the doodle on Twitter, it read, “25 years ago, Google Search launched from a garage in a California suburb. Today, we have offices and data centers on six continents, in over 200 cities. In honour of our 25th birthday tomorrow, take a world tour with us #Google2.”

As per the blog post, Google was launched by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in a California suburb. “Today, Google has offices and data centres on six continents, in over 200 cities. In honour of our 25th birthday, we're taking a look at some of the most interesting facts about a few of our offices and data centres across the globe,” read the blog post.

"As they made meaningful progress on the project, they moved the operation to Google's first office - a rented garage. On September 27, 1998, Google Inc. was officially born," it added.

For those who don't know, Google Inc. was incorporated on September 4 but for more than a decade the company has celebrated its birthday on September 27.