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Viral: "Have You Met The Queen," A Tourist Asked The Queen. Her Answer.

Former royal protection officer Richard Griffin told Sky News about an incident when the Queen met two American tourists who did not recognise her.

Viral: 'Have You Met The Queen,' A Tourist Asked The Queen. Her Answer.

Queen Elizabeth II died at the age of 96 on Thursday.

Queen Elizabeth's reign continued for more than seven decades. And after her death on Thursday, many users on social media are opting to remember her humour. Journalists and other Twitter users have shared a clip of the queen's former royal protection officer, Richard Griffin, telling a very funny story about the monarch in honour of her Platinum Jubilee in June. The video is credited to Sky News. For many users, it was their "favourite story".

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In the video, Mr Griffin is heard saying that he accompanied Queen Elizabeth on a picnic in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, near Balmoral Castle when they ran into the tourists, who were on vacation in the area.

"The Queen would always stop and say hello... it was clear from the moment we first stopped they hadn't recognised (her)," he told Sky News.

The tourists told the Queen where they are coming from and where they are headed. And they finally asked her where she lives.

"She said, 'Well, I live in London, but I've got a holiday home just the other side of the hills'," Mr Griffin recalled.

"One tourist then asked the Queen how often had she been coming up here, and she replied, 'ever since I was a little girl, so over 80 years'," he is further heard saying in the clip now going viral.

The conversation turned more interesting as the tourists asked her, "Well, if you've been coming up for 80 years, you must have met the Queen?" said Mr Griffin.

"Well, I haven't, but Dickie here meets her regularly," she quickly replied, referring to Mr Griffin by his nickname.

"The amazed tourists then turned towards me," added Mr Griffin and asked, "what is she like?"

"I told them she can be very cantankerous at times, but she's got a lovely sense of humour," added Mr Griffin.

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The tourists were still oblivious to the fact that they were in the presence of royalty, the former royal protection officer said. One of them threw his arm around Mr Griffin and put his camera into the Queen's hand, asking if she'd mind taking a photo of the two of them. The Queen obliged, he added.

The tourists took a photo with her as well and went on their way.

At the end of the video, Mr Griffin tells the Sky News reporter that the Queen told him, "I'd love to be a fly on the wall when he shows those photographs to friends in America. Hopefully, someone tells him who I am."