Peddler Was So High On Drugs That He Slept On A Bed Made Of Cocaine Bricks, Arrested

Police in Brazil arrested a drug dealer after discovering him sleeping on a bed made of more than 100 cocaine bricks.

Peddler Was So High On Drugs That He Slept On A Bed Made Of Cocaine Bricks, Arrested

Cocaine consumption is widespread in Brazil. (Representative Image)

A Brazilian drug dealer's usage of readily available cocaine for personal use has become harmful for him after the police arrested him sleeping on a bed made of cocaine bricks.

Police officers conducted a raid in the Sitio Conceicaozinha neighbourhood, in the Vicente de Carvalho district of Guaruja, to bust the local drug ring.

The dealer was discovered intoxicated and lying over the cannabis bricks when the police arrived at the scene, seizing 105 cocaine bricks.

According to The Metro News, after bringing the illegal substance to a police station, the officers determined that it weighed 112.8 kilogrammes (248.68 pounds). Local media reported that it was believed that he was selling the drugs locally. The suspect, who has not been named but is reportedly 29 years old, was arrested.

The officers also discovered a radio transmitter hidden inside his closet, which they think was used to communicate with our narcotics dealers.

Around the world, the problem of the illegal drug trade is getting worse every day.

Several incidents involving dealers using novel methods to sell drugs are giving security forces nightmares.

According to a Reuters report, drug trafficking gangs used the dark web vendor "FireBunnyUSA" to launder $7.2 million, including over $3.1 million in proceeds, through cryptocurrency exchanges.

Recently, a joint US and Australian law enforcement operation busted an international drug ring after intercepting 2.4 tonnes of cocaine aboard a vessel off the coast of South America that had been bound for Australia.

The cocaine, linked to a Mexican drug cartel, had a street value of around A$1 billion ($677 million) and was equivalent to half of Australia's estimated annual consumption, making the seizure one of the biggest that Australian police have been involved in.

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