Hillary Clinton to testify on Benghazi: Reports

Hillary Clinton to testify on Benghazi: Reports

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Washington: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will testify before US lawmakers on September's deadly attack on the US consulate in Benghazi, the chair of the House Foreign Affairs Committee said on Thursday.

"Secretary Clinton has committed to testifying before our committee and the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on the Accountability Review Board report which is expected to be concluded by early-mid December," chairwoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen told a House hearing on Benghazi.

The Republican did not provide further details, such as when Clinton will appear. It is widely expected that Clinton will step down as secretary of state near the beginning of President Barack Obama's second term in late January.

America's top diplomat will be expected to address the results of the ARB review, conducted by the State Department on the September 11 attack in Libya which killed US ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans.

Republican lawmakers have pressed for Clinton to testify on the Benghazi crisis, amid what Ros-Lehtinen described as a "disgraceful... sad parade of conflicting accounts of the attack that we have received from administration officials in the weeks and months" since the attack.

Clinton said on October 16 that she was taking responsibility for the incident, and launched a comprehensive review of security operations at the US mission in Libya.