This Article is From Feb 18, 2020

"Easier To Shake Mountain Than China": Envoy On Coronavirus Impact

"China's economy is stable and strong like a mountain. The fierce wind could blow down the trees but not the mountain," China's ambassador to India Sun Weidong said.

'Easier To Shake Mountain Than China': Envoy On Coronavirus Impact

The coronavirus epidemic has spiralled into a global health emergency.

New Delhi:

It is easier to shake a mountain than China, the country's Ambassador to India Sun Weidong said on Tuesday, dispelling concerns over the impact of coronavirus outbreak on the country's economy and its possible ripple effects across the globe. 

Sun Weidong said China has taken the most comprehensive and rigorous prevention and control measures to win the battle against coronavirus at the earliest, asserting that the country has sufficient resources and policy tools to cope with economic fluctuations. At the same time, he said that virus is a "borderless and a common threat to everyone in the world" and joint efforts are required to combat it. 

"China's economy is stable and strong like a mountain. The fierce wind could blow down the trees but not the mountain. What I want to say is that it's easier to shake a mountain than China," he said. 

The envoy appreciated India for extending solidarity and expressing readiness to assist China to deal with the epidemic, but stressed that there should not be any restrictions on trade and movement of people between the two neighbours. 

The coronavirus outbreak, that originated in China, has triggered 
global health concerns as well as apprehensions about China's economy, which has the potential to impact global trade. 

The Chinese envoy said the confidence to deal with the epidemic came from the country's strong economy. He said that the government has allocated more than 80 billion RMB for epidemic prevention and control.

"The epidemic has brought certain impact on some industries such as transportation, tourism and catering as well as small and medium-sized enterprises. In the short-term, the downward pressure on China's economy will increase, but the impact is still local, temporary and limited," Sun Weidong said

He said China has the confidence to maintain long-term and stable development of its economy, notwithstanding the current situation.
"As President Xi Jinping points out, we have full confidence, capability and determination to prevail over the epidemic at an early date," he said.

"As the world's second largest economy, our economic strength is the strong material foundation for us to win this battle," the envoy said.

China's National Health Commission on Tuesday said the number of deaths from coronavirus climbed to 1,868 on Monday while the total number of confirmed cases jumped to 72,436.