A 'Special' National Anthem in Kerala on Republic Day

A 'Special' National Anthem in Kerala on Republic Day

Students singing the national anthem during rehearsals

Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala: For the first time in Kerala, perhaps even the country, students with speech and hearing disabilities from the National Institute of Speech and Hearing in Thiruvanathapuram will render the national anthem during the republic day parade celebrations in the city.

"We are so happy and proud that we are part of this. We have been practicing hard. Me and my friends are not tired. This is very important for us," said Nazeeba K, one of the students, during rehearsals.

"The whole idea behind this is to find new avenues of inclusion for these students. It's important that they get more exposure, more avenues to familiarize themselves with. I am happy this is happening in our country," said Raji NR, a teacher who conceptualized this idea.