This Bull is Worth Rs 7 Crore. Here's Why it is Pampered So Much

This Bull is Worth Rs 7 Crore. Here's Why it is Pampered So Much

The seven crore bull that is the star at a festival in Hyderabad

Hyderabad: A bull from Haryana may be the world's costliest and most pampered. It is the star at an ongoing festival in Hyderabad.

Yuvraj is famous as the seven-crore buffalo ever since its owner, Karmvir Singh, rejected an offer of that amount.

Mr Singh believes the beast is worth much more. Its semen earns him 80 lakh to one crore a year, so Yuvraj the bull is really a cash cow.

Yuvraj, all of 6.5 feet and 1,600 kg, belongs to the high-yield "Murrah" breed. The animal can produce almost 5 ml of semen, which is diluted and sold at over Rs 1,000 for 0.25 ml.

Besides good genes, it owes its form to a daily diet of 100 apples, 20 litres of milk, 15 kg of grain and dry fruits. A shot of liquor in winter is not unusual, says the owner.

Yuvraj also gets mustard oil massages twice a day and is taken out for a run daily. Its grooming includes complete hair removal four times a month. It is not surprising that it takes about 10 people to keep the animal in good shape.

"I spend Rs 3000-3500 everyday on Yuvraj. Some persons offered me 7 crores for him but I refused. He is just like my son," the proud owner said.

Yuvraj was brought to Hyderabad by one Haribabu Yadav for what is called a 'Sadar' festival.

Mr Yadav says he spent Rs 5 lakh on bringing Yuvraj all the way from Kurukshetra in Haryana to Hyderabad.
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