Congress Charging Karnataka "Poll Tax" To Fund Telangana Campaign, Alleges Minister

The allegations come after several senior Congress leaders and ministers like Karnataka Deputy CM DK Shivakumar have been campaigning extensively in Telangana for the Congress.

Congress Charging Karnataka 'Poll Tax' To Fund Telangana Campaign, Alleges Minister

Union Minister and Telangana BJP President G Kishan Reddy on Monday launched a scathing attack on the Congress alleging that it was taxing the people in Karnataka to fund the election campaign in Telangana.

"Congress party came to power in Karnataka on the basis of five guarantees. But they are not fulfilling these guarantees. Every section of the society in Karnataka is against Congress. On the orders of Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi, Congress indulging in corruption is gathering crores of rupees by the way 'election tax' in Karnataka to fund its election campaigns in Telangana, Chhattisgarh & Rajasthan" Telangana BJP Chief Kishan Reddy said.

The allegations come after several senior Congress leaders and ministers like Karnataka Deputy CM DK Shivakumar have been campaigning extensively in Telangana for the Congress.

The BJP which unveiled its election manifesto for Telangana on November 18 has also attacked the ruling BRS calling for the removal of the Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao.

"KCR ko hatao, Telangana ko bachao, BJP ko jitao" Kishan Reddy said while addressing a press conference in Hyderabad.

"We will commission an investigation led by a retired Supreme Court judge into the corruption allegations against BRS. No one, including the KCR family and BRS MLAs, will be spared from this inquiry" Reddy added.

The BJP state in-charge claimed that the BJP was getting a lot of support and would emerge victorious on December 3.

"We are getting more support beyond our expectations in villages and assemblies. SC, farmers and weaker sections are supporting us. We are leading in many assemblies. The people are responding as a silent revolution against BRS. The people are stopping the BRS campaign vehicles," the Union Minister said.

"We are getting support beyond our expectations in the support. There is a silent revolution against the BRS party. People want change, they want KCR to go. Many youths are supporting the BJP despite their families supporting Congress or BRS. The guarantees given by Congress are only for gathering votes and misleading people," Kishan Reddy added.

"The BJP stands by its words. Other parties' work doesn't cross Gandhi Bhavan or Pragati Bhavan, despite the many words they give. Telangana suffered many losses because of Congress. Congress never worked for Telangana. The Congress guarantees are fake guarantees that cannot be implemented and are given only for votes, misleading the people," Reddy further said.

The BJP state chief believes that the record of the Narendra Modi government will serve as proof for the people of Telangana to repose faith in the BJP.

"Our manifesto, we'll do what we say; we only say what we do. It is our track record. When we got an absolute majority in the Lok Sabha, despite all objections, even from the international level, we removed Article 370. Our aim is to bring rule without corruption from villages to secretariat. Congress did corruption and BRS did corruption. Congress and BRS did sand mafia, land mafia, belt shops, mining mafia, corruption and scams. Both nurtured corruption and looted Telangana. The people wish that the just and prosperous government of Modi should come here" Kishan Reddy said.

Kishan Reddy laid stress on the advantages of a 'double-engine government' with the BJP at the centre and state which he said would benefit the people of the state.

"We will resolve many issues, like national highways and others, by bringing double engine government. Only a double engine government can bring so much development, welfare, finishing many irrigation projects, employment and others" Kishan Reddy said.

After Telangana's formation, the education budget should increase. But it has decreased. Education and health are very important. Through a job calendar, we are giving jobs every month and filling teachers and others. The PM himself is giving out the appointment letters. In the same way, in Telangana, we will fill all posts, from teacher posts to group 1 posts, in 6 months. The centre is giving a lot of money for basti davakhana, infrastructure in primary health care centres, oxygen and others in district hospitals" he added.

Telangana goes to the polls on November 30, with results to the 119-member assembly to be declared along with 4 other states on December 3.