This Article is From Feb 19, 2018

"Our Styles Are Different," Says Rajinikanth After Meeting Kamal Haasan

Kamal Haasan met Rajinikanth in Chennai on Sunday ahead of starting his mega-tour across Tamil Nadu.

Actor Kamal Haasan met Rajinikanth ahead of his political tour across Tamil Nadu.


  • Kamal Haasan described the meeting with Rajinikanth as a "courtesy call"
  • On the chance of them joining hands, Mr Haasan said only time will tell
  • Rajinikanth said Mr Haasan entered politics to serve the people
Chennai: Actor-politician Kamal Haasan met superstar Rajinikanth on Sunday ahead of starting his statewide mega-tour. But hitting brakes on renewed speculation about a political collaboration between them, Mr Haasan told reporters that it was a "courtesy call" and not related to politics. While Rajinikanth touched upon the point with a veiled reference to their "different styles", Mr Haasan, who is prepping for his first political meet on Wednesday, spelled it out.

"Only time will tell on both of us joining hands...  I came to inform Rajini about my political tour... Rajini wished me good luck," Mr Haasan told reporters outside the superstar's residence in Chennai's posh Poes Garden.

In December, after Rajinikanth made the long-awaited announcement about his entry into politics, the two actors have been repeatedly asked if they would contest elections together. Both have fended the question with a "time will tell".  

Mr Haasan has pointed out that the political compatibility is the key, saying "it isn't like choosing the star cast for films". In his speech last week at the Harvard University in the US, he said, "I hope Rajinikanth's colour is not saffron, because if it is, an alliance is unlikely".

The 63-year-old actor-politician had said the colour of his politics is "black", indicating that he follows the Dravidian ideology. Rajinikanth, who had announced that he would follow "spiritual" politics, on Sunday said his "style" was different from Kamal Haasan's, "even in movies" indicating that he would cut his own path in politics.

"Kamal wants to serve the people of Tamil Nadu. I pray to God that he attains success," Rajinikanth told reporters when walked the actor to his car. "He has not entered politics for fame or money but only to serve people of the state."

A vocal critic of the state's ruling AIADMK government, Mr Haasan is expected to unveil his governance model this week at Rameswaram, after which he would begin his statewide tour.

At the same event, he is expected to announce the name of the political party he had announced last year.

He called the tour a "journey of discovery" during which he will attempt to "understand people's needs and aspirations" and said he would meet the people he likes before he starts.