In This Unique Pune ATM, Insert Card To Get Modak. Watch

Pune's Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations with a twist. An ATM or Any Time Modak machine will get you modak after you insert a special card in it.

In This Unique Pune ATM, Insert Card To Get Modak. Watch

Ganesh Chaturthi: In this case, ATM stands for 'Any Time Modak'.


In an endeavour to bring technology and culture together, a unique ATM - Any Time Modak - has been installed in Pune's Sahakar Nagar in Maharashtra on the auspicious occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi.

Since everyone is trying to come up with a creative idea on the occasion, a person based in Pune has installed elephant-headed Lord Ganesha idol inside an ATM Machine.

Speaking to ANI about this unique invention, Sanjiv Kulkarni, the inventor of this ATM said, "It is ATM- Any Time Modak. You will get a modak through this ATM by inserting a special card. It was an attempt to move forward with technology and culture together."


Insert the card and get a modak, just how ATM works!

This unique machine is exactly like the usual ATM. When a special card is inserted in this Lord Ganesha ATM, a properly packed modak comes out.

Here's how the machine works:

There are also buttons on this ATM, but instead of numbers, things like forgiveness, devotion, affection, peace, knowledge and charity are written on it.

This unique ATM has also become a centre of attraction for many.

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