Smriti Irani Pulped Her Critics In Parliament

Listening to Smriti Irani responding to the Hyderabad and JNU student incidents on the floor of the House was mesmerising. It will remain historical for all times as one of the finest defence-attack speeches in parliament. It left "All the Men" and a "Few Women" speechless.

One could feel and see them awestruck. It was as if some gigantic force had hit them. Perhaps anticipating this, some "honorables" exited for they could not see themselves being pulped and trashed for their lies and hypocrisy so meticulously, piece by piece, bit by bit...

Smriti's entire life learning and the challenges she faced all along, which made her a woman of platinum as she is, came through every word, gesture and expression.

She backed every clarification with systematic evidence, which I relished most as a former cop. This is the most irrefutable way to demolish scheming adversaries when it is a vitriolic war of survival.

She has been facing their wrath right from Day One of her taking charge of the Ministry of Human Resources. Many times, the war between her detractors and her was one-sided for those who are bitten by her ascendance had easy access to and generous space in print and visual media. Panel after panel blared giving time to them to spit their venom against her, hurling all kinds of innuendoes. She did not come back always to counter. She let the barking dogs bark till either they would get tired or listeners had something more scintillating to hear.

This time she proved irrefutably why our Prime Minister included her in his Council of Ministers: he knew her capability, capacity, and extraordinary brilliance to articulate with courage and due diligence.

She laid out para by para why our children have grown up doubting India's rich heritage and its legends and asked why are they not proud of their lineage.

It was the way history books for children have been written by some writers who are alleged to be of doubtful credentials. Also, the manner in which these are being taught by teachers who are a by-product of the same contamination.

Bit by bit, day after day, Smriti Irani seems to be sweating to plough, extract, de-weed, re-seed, much to the chagrin of all those pseudo, entrenched, retired detractors regurgitating what was taught to them (Perhaps they chose to be fossilised and convinced that they alone knew best.)

There is a humongous work ahead for the HRD ministry. Smriti Irani as a mother realises that whatever she gets corrected or modified will create another generation of responders - ones who could either be at at war within and vulnerable to saboteurs, or those who grow up as alert citizen-soldiers in defence of the integrity of their own motherland while having the fundamental right to air their grievances (while doing so never allowing infidels to hijack them).

And certainly they must never ever share a platform with those questioning India's geographical boundaries, or blasting pillars of our hard-earned democracy.

Hence never befriend an enemy of the country, even if he shares a room, or a class. Change him if you can. Watch him as your duty. Remember your duty towards your mother-land.

Smriti's expose in parliament underlines the Herculean inadequacies inherited by this government in the errors of history as she substantiated.

An important question to ask ourselves: Is it this government's duty alone to save the future generations from these Himalayan blunders? Or is it not for every teacher and parent to ensure their sons and daughters are proud citizens of India? The sort who will know enough to distinguish between who is for Vision versus those for Division and some of course just for Television.

(Kiran Bedi is the first woman to have joined officer ranks of Indian Police Service. Recipient of Magsaysay Award (1994) for police and prison reforms, she has also worked as a UN police advisor. A tennis champion, she earned a PhD from IIT Delhi and is a Nehru Fellow. She's founded many NGOs and is the author of several books.)

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