What Did We Just See? Her 'Floating' Pull Ups Will Make You Run to the Gym

What Did We Just See? Her 'Floating' Pull Ups Will Make You Run to the Gym

Screengrab from Marisa Inda's YouTube video

Is she exercising? Is she dancing? Is she from Krypton too? We may never know the answers to any of these questions for sure, but what we do know is that Marisa Inda's workout regime is going to make a lot of you run to the nearest gym. The kind of upper body strength it takes to do basic pull ups can floor most people. Literally speaking. But Inda has just upped the game for all of us lesser mortals.

Pull ups, as we all know on account of the number of times we've been unable to do it, are incredibly difficult. Watch this young man demonstrate just that in this video if you don't believe us.

But Marisa can not only do pull ups in slo-mo (an even more difficult feat) but she can do them while also breaking into some pretty cool dance moves. Although, we must warn you that this video is hypnotic, and automatically forces you into hitting the repeat option.


Did that reaaaaaally happen? HOW. There are people in this world who can float-dance-exercise like that when some of us can barely get the dratted hand-eye-feet co-ordination kick-started? What an unfair world.    

Watch as Marisa walks up and down an imaginary stairway in completely sync with the music while hanging on a rod. ON A ROD. Enough. Where's that gym?