"We've Become Soft": Indian Man Living In Singapore Reveals Why He's Moving Back To Bengaluru

Aakash Dharmadhikari said that his decision to return to the motherland was prompted, in part, by how good life in Singapore was for his family.

'We've Become Soft': Indian Man Living In Singapore Reveals Why He's Moving Back To Bengaluru

Mr Dharmadhikari's post has sparked a discussion on X.

An Indian man living in Singapore has sparked a discussion on social media after revealing his decision to relocate back to Bengaluru. Aakash Dharmadhikari, co-founder of a company named Realfast, said that his decision to return to India was prompted, in part, by how good life in Singapore was for his family. In his post, he stated that he and his wife wanted their daughter to get used to the "uncertainties of life" - something that she, living in Singapore, had no idea of. 

"Partly we are shifting to Bangalore to get my daughter used to uncertainties of life. Singapore is just way too perfect, and we thought it's making her soft. Unfortunately we also had forgotten what the Indian chaos feels like.. turns out we have also become soft," Mr Dharmadhikari wrote. 

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As his post went viral with over one lakh views, Mr Dharmadhikari clarified, "I was missing the eccentric and passionate conversations I routinely have in Bangalore. I wanted to work with people I worked with here the past decade, I was missing that in Singapore."

His post sparked a lively discussion among X users, with some empathising with the challenges of living abroad and others cautioning him to consider his move carefully. 

"Life in bangalore is way tougher than other cities of india. It's particularly tough due to reduced mobility due to high traffic," wrote one user. To this, Mr Dharmadhikari responded saying he did not contend the point but wanted to move back as he has friends in Bengaluru.

"Me too ..did something similar..returned back from Canada ..it's been more than 2 years now... already feeling frustrated of the chaos here..but not missing Canada for sure... despite of all that daily chaos in Indian life... I do feel my decision to leave Canada was not wrong," shared another user. 

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"always found singapore to be artificial. friends there - pardon me but it is true. life's not perfect, we want it to be but is not. however, before you move, things you must consider are qual of air/food/water + law/order situation, essentially quality of life, none good at home," commented a third user. 

"Self inflicted misery. While I do not wish this, I am afraid that is what you will end up feeling if you relocated for experiencing chaos. I say this with experience as my daughter was bullied for her accent at school and had to to cope with unfamiliar teaching methods," shared one user. 

"The argument for embracing chaos to build resilience is flawed. We seek stability because it fosters well-being and growth. The unpredictability of chaos can undermine mental health and hinder progress. A balanced environment, not chaos, cultivates true strength and adaptability," expressed another user. 

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