Watch: Is It Ship Or Metro? New York Flood's Defining Image

The residents of New York city faced outdoor and indoor challenges as heavy rains waterlogged streets and closed subway lines.

Watch: Is It Ship Or Metro? New York Flood's Defining Image

The woman can be seen sitting still as rainwater gushes into the metro.

Intense rainfall battered New York City on Friday, disrupting normal life in several parts of the city. Both New York Governor Kathy Hochul and Mayor Eric Adams declared a state of emergency in response to the situation. The city experienced one of its rainiest days in decades. The heavy rainfall had a significant impact on the city, leading to flash floods that inundated streets, basements, schools, subways. Residents in the city faced numerous challenges, both outdoors and within their homes, as the heavy rains caused streets to become waterlogged, resulting in the closure of subway lines.

Several videos showing the distressing conditions caused by the heavy rainfall circulated on social media platforms. A man named Aldrich shared a video on X, formerly Twitter, with a caption: "New York City experienced record-setting rainfall today, leading to flash floods in the city's streets, basements, schools, subways, and vehicles in the nation's most populous city".

The video shows a woman seated inside a metro, enduring the pouring rain as water entered the metro through an open gate. Since being posted, the video has amassed 86,000 views and 168 retweets.

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Many social media users expressed their concern for the woman commenting to the post. 

One user wrote, "She should get out of there!" Another noted, "That lady is holding onto her seat tightly."

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Additionally, a user raised awareness about climate change, emphasising the need for immediate action, stating, "For decades, humanity has devoted its energy (coal, oil, gas) to disconnecting from nature. However, nature has now reminded us of its existence and the necessity to respect it. Global warming is not a myth. It's time to act."

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