This Article is From Oct 26, 2021

This Pug Has Become An Internet Star For 'Predicting' People's Mood

Noodle, the pug, is 13 years old and has a dedicated Instagram following of people who use his videos to predict their day.

This Pug Has Become An Internet Star For 'Predicting' People's Mood

Noodle the pug is here to warn you how you should spend your day.

A pug, named Noodle, is taking over the Internet for his apparent ability to 'predict' what kind of day people are going to have. The pug is 13 years old and has been getting a lot of attention, and its social media following is growing by leaps and bounds. Noodle's owner, Jonathan Graziano, who is based in New York City, regularly posts videos of his pug playing the prediction game. He shares the videos on Noodle's Instagram and TikTok accounts, and these videos are responsible for the dog's growing fame.

The gig, called “bones or no bones”, is simple yet unpredictable: Each morning, Mr Graziano wakes up a sleepy Noodle. If the pug tumbles back to its bed, then it's a “no bones day”, meaning you should take it easy and avoid risks. If the pug remains standing after waking up, it's a “bones day”, which is a signal to go out there and get some work done. People are using Noodle's videos to figure out whether they should spend the day relaxing or getting some work done.

Check it out yourself in one of the videos shared by the pug's owner.

"Good morning, everyone, and welcome back to yet another round of 'no bones',” says Mr Graziano at the beginning. The video was shot and shared on Monday, when it was raining outside, according to the pug's owner. The video shows him slowly lifting up the pug. He then removes the support and voila, the pug is up and standing. “I thought we were set up for another ‘no bones' day... OMG, go outside, have Greek food by a river,” says Mr Graziano.

The video has been liked by over 25,000 people - and it's one of many such clips that Internet users are using predict how their own day will go..

“And surprisingly I had a ok Monday,” replied an Instagram user, named Taylor Baker, to the post.

“Love you Noodle,” said Fuchsia_pixie.

“This makes me so happy, so glad I found your account! Happy bones day everyone!” said Hayley B.

“I'm in Australia so I get the bones/no bones day after day late, but they still count, right? Because I totally smashed it today,” said Tiereney Ashleigh.

One user liked Mr Graziano's narration of the whole game.

“Lol. I love your narration, can we be friends?” said Andie.

There are also occasions when Noodle prefers that his followers don't go outside or indulge. That's when it is a “no bones” day.

"I was going to wear jeans today, but it looks like it's a soft pants day for me!" wrote one Instagram user after watching the video.

Declining all calendar invites at work today with 'Please reschedule- it's a no bones day'," another said.

So, next time, before stepping out, instead of checking local weather forecasts or news outlets, will you head straight to Noodle's Instagram handle for answers? Let us know in the comments below.

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