Watch: Punjabi Shopkeeper Chases Away Robber While Shouting Curses

Damanpreet Arora chased away a knife-wielding robber with a baseball bat.

Watch: Punjabi Shopkeeper Chases Away Robber While Shouting Curses

A robbery bid failed when the shopkeeper chased the robber away in UK.

A shopkeeper in the UK is being hailed as a "Pakka Punjabi" on Twitter for his reaction to an attempted robbery. Damanpreet Singh Arora calmly asked the bungling robber who entered his shop if he would like anything else, before chasing him away with a baseball bat, shouting curses.

According to Daily Mail, the incident took place a shop in Dudley, West Midlands, UK. CCTV footage of the incident was shared on Twitter by Damanpreet Singh Arora's cousin, Harmit Arora, where it has left thousands chuckling in amusement.

The video begins by showing the 21-year-old scrolling on his phone inside the shop. He stands up when a man enters, but is quickly taken aback when the man pulls out a knife and demands money.

"Give me all the money you've got. Get a bag, open that, and pass me the money," the robber says.

Damanpreet Arora remains deadpan for a few moments before asking the knife-wielding robber: "Anything else?"

He then pulls a baseball bat from under the counter and runs after the robber, swearing in Punjabi while chasing him out of the shop.

"My cousin gets mugged and he's the calmest guy in the world," wrote Harmit Arora while sharing the video on Wednesday. "Just listen to him."

(Disclaimer: Viewer discretion advised. Video contains language that is not suitable for children.)

The video has been viewed almost 2 lakh times on Twitter and has collected more than 13,000 'likes'. People in the comments section were full of praise for Mr Arora.

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