Watch: This Video Of A Massive Black Widow Spider Is Not For The Faint-Hearted

Viral footage shows a black widow spider dangling from its web in the open.

Do you enjoy seeing the black widow's many antics? No, we're not referring to the Marvel superhero who appears in comic books and on the big screen. We're talking about the black widow spider instead. A video of America's most venomous spider species has gone viral on the internet. Well, the video is not for the faint-hearted. The clip, uploaded on YouTube by ViralHog, shows a black widow spider dangling from its web in the open. Its black bulbous abdomen and long, pointed legs are clearly visible. The red hourglass marking on its abdomen, which is typical of black widow spiders, is what draws our attention.

The footage was taken on December 6, 2021, according to the description. “Found this massive big black widow while cleaning the gutters,” Michael McClintic, who recorded the video, wrote.

The clip had been viewed by over 14,000 people on YouTube. Many were left stunned after watching it.

The picture-perfect movements of the spider were so well captured on camera that a person commented, “If not for the web interaction, I'd swear this was fake.”

People were scared after seeing this lethal spider's video. A user commented, "So small yet so lethal. If I ever see this thing in my house, I'm stepping on it and I'll burn my shoes."

Another user wrote, "Looks like danger to me."

Some users couldn't help but notice the beauty of the spider.

One person called it "beautiful and terrifying."

Another user noticed the red symbol and called it a "near-perfect hourglass."

A user gave us more insight into black widow spiders with the comment, "It's incredible how strong they are. The silk is very strong as well."

Many people fear spiders. But there are people who admire them and study them. Recently, scientists found two new species of spiders in Maharashtra. One of them was named Icius tukarami, after Tukaram Omble, the Mumbai Police Assistant Sub-Inspector who was killed during the 26/11 terror attacks in the city

Earlier this year, Australia saw a massive expanse of spider webs. After a period of floods, the grassland exposed sheets of spider webs that spread on the roadside, poles, road signs, trees, plants, and everything that was tall or high. While some thought they looked dreamy, for others it was terrifying.

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