This Article is From Dec 02, 2022

Watch: Firefighters Rescue A Cat Trapped On A Roof For Five Days

The cat, Sammy, was brought back to the ground by Kingsburg Fire Department personnel after they successfully set a trap for it on the roof.

Watch: Firefighters Rescue A Cat Trapped On A Roof For Five Days

The cat was stranded without food or water for about five days.

Firefighters in California, US, rescued a lonely cat that had been abandoned on a building's rooftop for five days and was starving and thirsty. Sammy the cat had to be rescued from the roof of an apartment building in Kingsburg, and firefighters encountered some difficulty getting there.

"The locals initially tried to rescue the cat by climbing up a roof, but the ladder was too short to reach the top of the structure. After this attempt, the Kingsburg Fire Department was summoned to the scene, and they were able to set a trap on the roof and bring Sammy back down to the ground," reported the United Press International.

The video of the firefighters saving the cat from a rooftop was uploaded on Facebook by Bambi's Army, an organisation dedicated to animal rescue.

Watch the video here:

"The cat has been rescued! It is off the roof and back on solid ground! A big thank you to the Kingsburg fire department and all those who turned out to help" Bambi's Army Rescue said in a Facebook post.

This successful rescue not only brought relief to the locals and firefighters, but also to those who watched the rescue video on Facebook.

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