Watch: A Bull Ran Amok At Wedding Ceremony, Here's How It Was Saved

A black bull causes havoc inside a marriage pandal, which houses several food and drink stalls, in the 15-second video.

Watch: A Bull Ran Amok At Wedding Ceremony, Here's How It Was Saved

When a bull ran amok at a wedding ceremony, here's how the venue was saved.

A video of a bull entering the venue of a wedding and running amok has gone viral on social media. The raging bull looks in a mood to destroy the entire arrangement and gallops from one place to another. The video can easily send chills down your spine and leave you anxious as to what happened to the wedding arrangements.

The 15-second video begins with a black bull running through a marriage pandal filled with food and drink stalls. The people present at the venue appear extremely tense due to the presence of the large animal, as any damaging movement by the bull will undoubtedly result in a significant financial loss for the organisers.

Watch the video here:

In the video, one person can be seen making a hand gesture to the bull, directing it to the other side. Instead of moving to the other side, the bull attempted to attack the man.

The man then falls to the ground, shielding himself from the attack. The bull then charges towards a stall made entirely of glass, which also contained several glass items.

However, as the bull ran away from the venue, everyone present there took a breath of relief. The video is gradually going viral on the internet, and people are leaving interesting remarks in the comments section. One user wrote that "it's gone too soon; otherwise, there would have been an outcry."

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